Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


Just so you know, every single one of your pictures makes me laugh


I always try to keep this thread in the back of my mind so I can remember to share gems like this





I play this game too much, also the last update broke a lot of things for some reason



Sorry about all the Dishonored 2 images. I have just been playing through in 1440p and am constantly in awe of the sense of place it creates.

(CW: Gore and a dead animal)



She exotic AND she got feet!


never apologize for arkane-posting



Forza Horizon 3 is very fun and the photo mode is cool.


This game is so good for photos, here are two I got myself



GirlZ is my favorite ARMA II mod.



More Forza shots, taken while bombing down the highway at 315 KP/h in my custom tuned Nissan Skyline, which is quickly becoming my favourite car to drive.

I like the back of the Skyline GT-R R32 a bunch, y’all.

Edit: I’m gonna throw some Initial D-ass AE86 Tureno shots in here for good measure and good tofu delivery.


Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica



I just started playing Forza 7, and hot damn the photo mode in this game. OOHf


Sorry to spam, but the rain in this game especially, ooHOHOoo!