Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


Okay this game has a thing with gradmas…


Looks sick! Is that logo added automatically? I’m so annoyed that Square games on PS4 add a bunch of copyright stuff to every photo.


So I know in Horizon 3 (the previous Forza game) it will add the logo when you take the picture in photo mode. The way I get around this on PC is just using photo mode, hide the UI and instead of “taking” the picture so to speak, I save a screenshot through windows (win+alt+printscreen).

But yeah, watermarks etc are lame.


These shots are great! The rain on the camera is a thing they must have added in Forza 7 because I would kill for that in Horizon 3 right now.

Some more shots to aid in my quest to turn this thread into the Funtime Forza Photomode Thread:


Hiding the UI doesn’t work in Forza 7, sadly. No real way around it.


gotta keep up with y’all!



I’ve accidentally painted my NSX like a can of LaCroix, but it looks cool as hell so it’s ok.


It’s good to be back.


I wish I still had access to an Xbone so I could use FH3 as a decompression tool.


really digging that first shot!

Yeah, it was a very intense week for me at work and playing some FH3 in the evenings was incredible for decompressing.








NSFW contains some nudity (but also rad cyberpunk dancing)


I very much need whatever game this is, I think.


It’s called All Walls Must Fall. Turn-based strategy game with very interesting combat and dialogue system. I’m having fun so far!