Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


iOS is out now!



Dx2 has a really good cyberpunkish download screen


I could stare at the virtual environments Arkane makes for hours, they’re so lovingly detailed. Fantastic screenshots!


Thank you! If you haven’t played it yet I highly recommend Prey: Mooncrash.


I think I picked a good place to settle down.


I can’t believe Patrick is in this game


Forza Horizon 3 and now No Man’s Sky? I’m in Photomode Heaven right now!




I made it through the hellishly long tutorial last night… not sure if I actually want to keep playing, the biggest draw is the wild dialogue and character designs.




Everyone right now is playing No Man’s Sky and taking amazing pictures! I am too, but since I don’t have a good way of getting them off of my PS4 right now here are more Dishonored 2 screenshots.

Yeah, planets and spaceships are cool but look at this floor! I know how this floor would feel on my bare feet!


Dishonored is honestly one of the best realized worlds in the decade. Looking back at some of your other pictures I recognize exactly where you took them because I stopped to take pictures there as well. Playing those games makes me feel like I’m right there because everything is so smartly designed and artfully presented!



y’all i have taken so many screenshots in NMS these past few days