Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


CW: mild NSFW





this is my favorite dark souls 2 boss



Some funny/dumb screenshots I found in my HotS folder.

(Featured in some of them is some regulars of the daily HotS crew on the Waypoint discord. Come play join the discord if you haven’t and play with us!)



Was really excited about this No Man’s Sky view I found this morning. Ringed planets are the best



What game is this?


Back to one of my favorites, and a sequel to one of my favorites that I am already loving.


The 25th Ward. It’s the phone only sequel to The Silver Case, the first game released by Grasshopper Manufactor. The game was considered lost for a long time now, but it recently got a PC and PS4 port like The Silver Case did, so it got a huge graphical update and four extra chapters.

Also it’s in canon with the third No More Heroes game currently in development and that’s not a joke.


Y’all this might be the best thing to come out of Garry’s Mod.