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If (almost) all your unlocks are based around random spins then in the very first spin in a game you might unlock one of the best cars (and events transform to fit whatever you drive up with). This seems like a poor progression system that guarantees you’ll end up with a load of vehicles you have no interest in ever using.


The thing I like about Forza games is that they celebrate all cars, including the B and C tier coupes. FH3 had a similar progression with wheel spins, but I would just jump into random cars in my collection, which was quite fun on its own. Super cars are cool, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I like to drive something that isn’t strapped to a rocket.


So my issue is the randomness and “win” (hey, if it tastes like gambling, that’s probably the psychological hook they’re building on for the “reward” system). Yes, you can sell the cars (for a percentage of the cost) and turn them into credits that way but the expensive cars are extremely expensive (in a game that already has massive credit sinks like the housing that unlocks perks) so you’re basically reliant on RNG for getting stuff rather than being able to work towards it. It doesn’t feel like a progression at all and (as the GB audio review mentions) the inability to upgrade cars while at an event start (and having to back out to get the car delivery menu a lot of the time) means it feels a lot like you’re going to want to have a minimum spec of car with you just to get between events (quickly).

Agreed, there are a lot of cars I enjoy (hence driving the classic 911 right now) but considering they’re trying to make cars count (with individual skill trees to unlock) then I find the reliance on RNG to feed me new vehicles rather than some other mechanic means I’ll build up a list of drivable cars that are totally unrelated to the list of cars in the game I actually want to use (at that point in time - not selling stuff in case I want to drive it at some later point). Plus that also being the same system that unlocks all the cosmetics - would love to post a pic in the avatar thread but as to when I’ve unlocked a complete outfit I actually like? Well I’m just praying to RNGesus again and there’s not even a “buy for credits” secondary system there. “There has to be a better way!”

The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!

I’ve not played a Forza since 4, I understand how the spin to win would be frustrating, but how is that handled in terms of actual transactions? Is it designed to goose actual money out of you, or is it just a weird hurdle to progression that you can’t get past outside of patience?


For now it just seems like a weird hurdle for progression. Though usually Forza games will add a premium currency later after launch


While you do make a good point about RNG systems in games, previous Horizon games let you buy any car with credits, and you earn tons of credits just by playing the game. Not sure if that’s still the case with FH4, but I don’t believe wheel spins are the only way to get new cars.


Question, in case anyone here knows how Steam screenshot stuff works: I have a folder C:\Users(username)\Pictures\Steam Screenshots that has most of my screenshots I’ve taken from Steam games, but not all of them. I don’t know if it’s missing any older ones, but I can say for sure that it at least doesn’t have screenshots I’ve taken within the past week or two.

I know that Steam also immediately stores screenshots you take in Program Files\Steam\something\something\something\randomnumber, so I’m wondering if Steam periodically goes into those folders and moves the pictures to the easier to find folder in Users…? I ask because earlier this morning I went to post some Heat Signature screenshots I took the other day, but the most recent pictures in the folder were some Donut County screenshots I took a few weeks ago.


From within steam, you should be able to view local screenshots and there should be a button that says something like “open folder” and that will open the folder with your screenshots in explorer


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The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!



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