Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


I call this photo essay “CTE FTW”


It’s Forzaween babey! Post your spookiest Forza pics. :ghost:


heres this guy

Edit: Okay here’s some that are actually a little spooky


I’m just wondering how/why those older screenshots ended up in Users\(username)\Pictures\Steam Screenshots\


So the default Steam behaviour is to make those numbered directories within userdata to sync screenshots to the cloud (and any other locations you have Steam installed). When you go into the Screenshot window in Steam, show on disk will open that folder and it will always contain jpegs (lossy compression so not always exactly how it looked on the screen but good for uploading to a service with limited space, like your Steam cloud account).

Under Settings > In-Game there should be a screenshot folder option that also specifies an additional place to put those captured shots and an option to save an uncompressed copy which is actually incorrectly labelled. It is the option to create a png rather than jpeg - which is a lossless compression format (so it is compressed, but it doesn’t throw away data). This is where I have it set to drop a second copy of every screenshot I take into my Pictures\Steam folder. It’s possible that you used to have this set but then something broke and it got unassigned. I’d go in and see where it currently thinks it should be making an additional copy (you may find your missing pictures there) and set it back to your My Pictures folder. Those copies should be generated at the same time as the userdata ones so I don’t think it’s a batch process that runs later (or could be something like that going wrong).



Some totally accurate UK weather (to spooky effect):


I found Dracula’s car :vampire: :oncoming_automobile: :european_castle:

And a few scenic shots :ghost:


Ah, thank you so much!





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That’s a good Video Game Advisor post.


thinking about becoming a gamer dad


very much reiterating this





I just wanted to let you all know that all your wonderful Forza Horizon 4 screenshots convinced me to buy the game and I love it!