'Control: AWE' Brings Back the Nastiest Villain in 'Alan Wake'

Control and Alan Wake share developer Remedy's goofy sense of humor, but they're different kinds of horror stories and ultimately have very different tones. Control is ultimately like the more light-hearted episodes of the X-Files, as interested in humor as in horror. Alan Wake had funny interludes and asides, but its primary focus was on building a sense of solitary dread and suspense. It's fitting, then, that the AWE expansion for Control leaves Alan Wake behind a locked door, narrating the events of this new chapter, but still isolated from the Federal Bureau of Control and its likable leader, Jesse Faden. In the end, they still inhabit separate stories, even if they share a fictional universe. It's to AWE's credit that it successfully tells a part of Alan Wake's story as a chapter in Jesse's without betraying either character or the tenor of their story.

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I really loved the new dlc. Dr Hartman truly scared the crop outta me.

I finished this the other night and I was so sure I’d missed something that I had to Google a let’s play. It’s such a tease.

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Just a quick Q for anyone who’s completed the DLC, do you have to have played the Alan Wake DLC or American Nightmare to get everything out of this? I’ve just finished the main game and am invested enough to try the DLC but would rather get back into Control first.

It only really deals with AW’s main game content, and even then only pieces of it. As long as you know why Alan is sitting at that desk surrounded by nothingness hen and pecking that typewriter you should be good.

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