'Control' Having a Messy Next-Gen Transition Isn't Surprising

When Remedy announced the next DLC for Control, we were cautiously optimistic. One thing they slipped in during that stream was mention of an “Ultimate Edition” which would ostensibly collect the base game and its DLCs in one package. One point that wasn’t mentioned until later is that the only way current owners of Control would be able to receive the next-gen version of the game would be through purchasing this new edition, no free upgrade, no Xbox Smart Delivery. This caused enough of a stir in the community that this week, they released a blog post that attempted to explain the decisions that got them to this point. We discuss their reasoning, the sparse next-gen lineup, and more on this week’s Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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not worth an email, but all (5ish?) the Del Tacos in my home town were owned by the same guy, and he didn’t pay any of his taxes, so they just all shut down one day. it was a sad few months till someone took them over.

also, a bbq place just closed up shop one day, leaving all the equipment, and FOOD, inside the restaurant to rot

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I don’t necessarily mind paying extra for a next-gen upgrade (that work’s not free). I just wish that studios would get out there and clarify:

  1. how much is your next-gen upgrade going to cost
  2. and where (e.g. Xbox upgrade is free, PS upgrade is $15 or included with the Season Pass, etc.)
  3. and where your save data is compatible

if developers are planning on coming out in this multi-generation window.

I’ve been enjoying Spiritfarer a lot, frankly it might be my GOTY if I keep having this much of a good time with it. I can understand Austin finding the characters to be tropey, but so far the send offs of the characters have really been knocking it out the park for me. I’m surprised he hasn’t sent any off yet, I’ve played it sounds like the same amount and already have seen two off.

I think the best bit about Spiritfarer though, is that it feels like the management game for people who hated Stardew Valley. I normally love being given chores and stuff to do, I like management games, but Stardew just stressed me out. The scope of Stardew is huge, but you can do very little in a day. Which just resulted in my getting very stressed out about making sure I was using my time efficiently, no matter how hard I tried to just relax. The scope of what you actually do in Spiritfarer is much smaller, but I feel like I was accomplishing everything I wanted to do in a given day. So if you’re like me and you like management games, but felt a kind of choice paralysis with Stardew give Spiritfarer a try.