Control on Switch

Just tried out the trial during my lunch break for this and it’s pretty impressive! I have a so-so internet connection and it runs pretty well, maybe just a little bit swimmy (but maybe that’s how the game is). Any one else try it out?

When I saw the news my first reaction was “that’s a great fit, the controls are swimmy enough people won’t really notice latency”


Just finished the trial and came away super impressed. In handheld mode, on wifi, the stream was practically flawless and my only issues are with the usual lack of precision associated with joycon sticks. But man, it feels like magic seeing graphics I normally associate with my One X on the Switch. Between this and Stadia’s Immortals demo, I’m starting to see the use cases for cloud streaming in my gaming rotation.

It works, though this wouldn’t be my first choice for a game to play in this method. Trying to get through the tougher parts later on with wifi latency would be a nightmare.

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I feel like I’m missing something. How is this working?

It’s a streaming solution, like Stadia or Xcloud. It seems like the path Nintendo is taking to stay on par with AAA gaming. Hitman 3 is also coming to Switch this way.

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Cool, ta. Are they rolling it out outside Japan now?

Yup! Can confirm it works in Canada at least.

i’ve never streamed a game before. free is tempting, but i’m assuming this would eat through my data cap…

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I’m nowhere near tech savvy enough to know what the difference in data would be between streaming this versus streaming Netflix or something similar.

I’d expect between 4 and 9 GB / hour (between 10 and 20 Mbps) because this is probably a hosted Nvidia Gamestream solution, and that’s what’s required for 720p streaming at 30 and 60 fps respectively with that platform.

So somewhere in the neighborhood of streaming Netflix in Ultra quality.

Edit: Assuming 30 hours of play, that’s a pretty big chunk of data (way higher than just downloading the game).


Interesting, I had no idea it was that high. Thanks for the info.

that’s very helpful, thanks. i’ve got plenty of games to play, i think i‘ll be steering clear of the streaming business for now.

As someone who works in a field that does a lot of data movement, I’m always astonished when people think that “cloud streaming” solutions for games are anything other than inherently inefficient approaches that rely on very wasteful network use.


I gave the test a go on switch the other day, in the UK, and i was having weird issues not only with audio lag, but with response lag, I would use the right thumbstick to turn until i saw jesse start turning, but by that point the input had been going so long the server interpreted it as “oh, this person wants to do a 720 and reverse into this door, i bet”

so not super slick so far. i might give it another go on the other setting, but might still just play it on pc when i can grab a new graphics card.

I was pretty impressed by this when I tried it on my partner’s internet, which has spotty wi-fi. I’ve played Control twice and loved it both times, but I can’t see this as a viable option for people who have played it on other platforms. I’m glad it exists, however, because Control is great and utilizing streaming as a potential solution for folks who can’t afford more powerful hardware is a nice touch.

The Xbox Series S being $299 will make that a harder argument to make going forward if you ignore any preference for portability. I do think the joy-cons are a poor fit for big-budget action games, even with Control’s loose-feeling camera controls.