Controller-Passing Co-Op Is the Ultimate Way to Play 'Mario Odyssey'


I'm having the time of my life playing Super Mario Odyssey with my girlfriend. We're not playing together in the sense that we're using the actual two-player mode in the game (though, I hear that's fun too). Nah. We're playing it the way I got through most main series Mario games, before I could drive: we're passing the controller back and forth.

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I really like these little pieces by Danielle. Most of my time with games is also with my partner, and we almost exclusively play single player games passing the controller back and forth and talking through our plans, strategies, motivations, or whatever is relevant for the game.

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It’s the ultimate way to co-op most video games.


The two-player mode was really fun for my friend and I when we played through it, especially during the boss battles. As Mario, I spent my time dodging fire and hazards until it was time to cut through and smash stuff or jump on somebody’s head. Meanwhile my friend as Cappy would zip around the battlefield killing adds, possessing creatures for me, clearing sludge, and kicking boss’ projectiles back at them. There’s really a cool teamwork element to almost every fight.


Me and my friend have done a similar thing with Bloodborne which works out better than I thought it would. I quite enjoy being able to talk about the game to someone while playing and having someone who can actually play the game well to play with. It’s a fun + social way of playing games that I feel was almost lost in childhood but is still really fun to do.