Convention Stories

So I made a topic on what to do if you’re a noobie, like me, to cons. (Will link when I figure out how to) Now let’s talk about awesome moments or stories.
For instance, when to a panel where James Marsters was talkin, he was asked how kissing John Barrowman was because Barrowman was the next panel. As he finished up and left, Barrowman popped out and started making out with Marsters before both left. Then when Barrowman started he came out in a lovely blue and flowered dress. I figured that’s a good first con going experience.

I dont know if this counts as a con proper, but Universal holds Harry Potter celebrations similar to that of the Star Wars celebrations. I’ve been to two and at the last one I waited in a line for 3 hours to get a picture with the hand built prop for Aragog (the very big spider from Chamber of Secrets) and it was really special for me since that was what sparked my arachnophobia as a kid and since I took that picture im super not scared of spiders anymore, also the whole experience that weekend was sick.

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