Conversations about Mental Health


Does anyone know of any streamers or other video games people who talk about mental health in a sensitive way? I’m thinking as a general issue or from their personal experience. The first one who comes to mind is General Mittenz.

There are quite a few recent articles about streaming and mental health. Here’s a few:

Of course there’s also Waypoint’s own Danielle Riendeau who’s talked and written about mental health in relation to games. I’ve been searching around and had limited success. Do you know of any others figures, especially streamers who are having positive conversations around mental health?


Checkpoint’s webseries about mental health and video games is utterly fantastic. I highly recommend it. All available for free on their youtube channel.. There’s episodes about depression, self-care, anxiety, body image issues and a whole lot more. Presented and researched by Dr. Jennifer Hazel, she’s a fully qualified doctor and super passionate about using video games as a positive tool regarding mental health issues.



While her channel deals a lot more with old DOS games than mental health, I do know that PushingUpRoses is very passionate about the subject


Thank you! I’ll check this out and report back. :metal:I haven’t seen Checkpoint yet so I’m psyched to see this series.


Oh nice, I’m a fan of her videos but didn’t realize mental health was an interest of hers. Discovered her through Lazy Game Reviews a while back. I’ll check this out! Thanks.