Cooking Mama: Cookstar may be an Illegal Cryptocurrency Operation

Uh, what the fuck?


Well if we are gonna bring Yoshi into it…

This is wild. I love living in the worst Philip K. Dick novel.

Wonder if this could be another Harvest Moon situation, where the overseas copyright slipped out of the actual developers’ hands for one reason or another.

Has there been actual proof yet? The article makes it sound speculative

As far as I know, the initial source of all this is a post on 4chan. It seems like everyone else is just echoing what was said there, so I’d take it all with a grain of salt.

The developers (1st Playable) have been tweeting some polite replies denying all of it and honestly, I’m more inclined to believe their story that the blockchain stuff comes from a marketing person putting out a statement without talking to the developers over a 4chan ‘game developers are evil, actually’ conspiracy theory.

A friend of mine ordered a physical copy to investigate after he heard about it but it’s not going to arrive for a couple of weeks (because, well, y’know) so I guess I can report back when he eventually gets it if any of the claims are real or not.


Someone looked through the game’s files and confirmed that the cryptocurrency stuff is fake, it’s not using your Switch to mine bitcoin:

They did rip some of the background music from Youtube though:


If you poke around the thread on Resetera, you’ll see reports of people who own physical copies, and confirm that it has neither online DRM, nor overheating issues.

However, it’s also accepted that the publisher did, in fact, blather on and on about the blockchain in their marketing materials, which means that it’s their own fault the rumor has legs in the first place.

Also, there’s this:

In the replies, someone says it’s a free stock animation from Adobe Mixamo … so it wouldn’t surprise me if the devs just lifted other assets wholesale.

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ScreenRant has a statement from an anonymous source on the Cookstar development team who claims that the game was pulled because Office Create, the owner of the Cooking Mama franchise, was unhappy with its quality and may be pursuing legal action. They also claim that overheating was caused by an inexperienced team making their first Unity console game, and the cryptocurrency stuff was “all buzz words” to attract investors.


I hope incidents like this discourage the wild nonsense some PR teams write up about blockchain.

Also, I think a lot of confusion is coming from the name of OfficeCreate, I wonder when they changed their name back to that? I remember them being Cooking Mama LLC at least as recently as the last Cooking Mama game I played (Bon Appétit!), which was admittedly a few years back. Wonder if they have a non-Mama game in the works and wanted a less branded company name.