Cool game interiors & architecture

hiya folks. just been thinking about architecture in games, especially vis a vis Human Revolution, a game with architecture which stands head and shoulders above the game itself.

i always thought the design of the interiors in DE:HR was incredible, and has dated way better than anything else the game managed to achieve. it felt like they really understood how to tell a story about class and corporatism through the visual design, but completely goofed it on the narrative; the visuals tell a story about wealth and taste, high versus low culture, which really spoke to what that universe has always been interested in.

these spectacular interiors were also obviously impractical for actual habitation, as evidenced by the piles of clutter anywhere which people actually live & work:

the use of clutter to make a place feel warm always reminded me of half life 2, where the human / resistance spaces were so much more cluttered and visually busy than the combine areas.

reminds me in turn of a thing a friend of mine pointed out about the visual design in the Handmaid’s Tale adaptation; everything in Gilead is so clean and colour-coded, whereas everything outside of it is much more visually messy and complex. fascism is very tied up with visual spectacle, and i think the show really does a good job of expressing the moral implications of a ‘clean’, uniform aesthetic - thinking especially of the sequence where they clean the wall in time for the ambassador’s visit. humans are messy creatures, in death as well as in life!

anyway, general thread for cool architecture thoughts & screenshots :slight_smile:


Some of those Deus Ex interiors do look quite cool.

I personally can’t hear the words “cool interiors” without immediately thinking of the Mirror’s Edge series.

And the architecture ain’t half bad either…


I’ve always had a soft spot for over the top, baroque-is architecture and Echo (a game I need to revisit/finish) certainly scratched that itch in a way that melds that style with influences from 1960’s/70’s scifi (2001 a Space Odyssey and Giger’s work on Alien):

I’ve also recently been playing 2016’s Hitman on PS4 (after hearing Austin rave about it on a recent podcast episode) and every building/level in the game feels architecturally real (in the sense that bathrooms, basements etc. feel like they were placed in a way that makes sense in a real building) and that realism plays such a role in nailing the vibe that game is going for. To me though, none of the architecture from that game is visually striking in the way that some of the other screenshots in this thread are so I’m going to forego posting any for it.


i love how busy this game looks! that hyper-detailed future-baroque is fascinating to look at.

i was also actually thinking of taking some screenshots of Hitman, since it’s definitely a marvel; i think particularly about the Paris level for the catwalk room (actually a covered courtyard, which took me a long time to realise, which explains the inwards-facing windows on the higher floors) and the Hokkaido level, because, well:

I actually think Hokkaido is a fascinating one partly because it is probably the most ‘artifical’-feeling level in the game; not because it couldn’t possibly exist, but because the limited number of rooms and the strange internal layout makes it feel much more like a Bond villain base than a hospital. it’s definitely a bit too ostentatious for what it’s masquerading as for the purposes of the level, but i really like how all-out they go on the steely-warm japanese modernism with it.