Cool Ghosts: a very good, very weird games crit show


Cool Ghosts has been around for a while making some very good videos about games, but after a hiatus they seem to have reinvented themselves as an anthology of games criticism strung together with a bunch of surrealist silliness. I thought their first episode was a lot of fun.


I’m a big fan of Cool Ghosts. Matt Lees and Quentin Smith have very similar tastes to my own so I generally enjoy their takes on games. Plus, they’ve got a great sense of humor.


While this video was a little too surreal for my sense of humour, I strongly recommend their Best Game ever video series, and the now retired Daft Souls podcast. It may be out of date, but there’s some great stuff there for waypoint radio listeners. Highlights are the episodes on Inside, VR, and the last one, on falling out of love with games, and in love with Interactive Theatre


The vibe of the interludes reminds me of a mix of Brass Eye and Snuff Box, and the games criticism is :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

Got me to remember that I need to spend more time with Torment: Tides of Numenera as a bonus.


This is real good! And Consolevania just wrapped up the first season of their revived show, so the timing couldn’t be better. Slightly less on the Vic and Bob side of things but still plenty odd, plus those two have some of the best insight British games crit has to offer along with being funny af.


Matt and Quinns are brill at what they do, a great balance of pure positivity and insightful analysis with fantastic comedy framing. There’s more of the same over at Shut Up and Sit Down, which is the same kind of deal as Cool Ghosts but for board games, with a much larger backlog of content plus a few other equally brill regulars on both video and writing staff.

Also Matt’s on a comedy podcast called Regular Features which plays host to an extremely wide range of comedy through it’s 5 hosts. Probably evidenced best in their most recent Live Show.


There’s also VideoGaiden for something a bit similar:


Already a fan, it’s the same guys/format as Consolevania!