Cooper's Bizarre Adventure Golden: Fire is Unbreakable / Arcana Walk with Me


So I’m in the middle of rewatching Twin Peaks in preparation for the new series on the 21st, and I’m absorbing the sheer enormity of how messed-up the energy of the town is. I’m also a recent convert to the church of JoJo, and the blu-ray release of Diamond is Unbreakable has me so jazzed. When I last watched TP, I had never been exposed to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, had never played Persona, but now I’m forced to examine the similarities between the three. When I look at the town of Twin Peaks, Morioh starts to look like a great place to live. They synergize in a specific way for me, and I’m loving the shared universe I created in my head by accident.

Naturally, I’m thinking of which characters would be Stand/Persona Users, and what their manifestations would be.

The one I came up with for Cooper is Encyclopedia Brown – strong vs. Holy, weak vs. Curse – whose Stand ability opens Cooper’s third eye and allows him to see the visions that assist him in his detective work. As the cast progresses through the story, Encyclopedia Brown’s abilities are able to open doors between areas of the astral plane.

This goof train is leaving the station. Choo choo!


I am so ridiculously here for this. Audrey for sure has to be a stand user. I know I want the stand name to be Rhiannon but dont know what power I want it to have :thinking:


If we’re sticking with detectives, Audrey’s could be Nancy Drew. I’m so into the bond that forms between her and Cooper, and I think their Stands would be similar.

Leland is 100% the Yoshikage Kira in this equation. Hawk definitely has a badass Standsona, and I think Bobby has strong potential.


Right right Im just so used to the song format but Nancy Drew is also very good. I could see Gordon Cole as a sorta old Joseph type, with a stand named Ace Ventura.


Oh absolutely play around with it, Persona 5 has just been doing the rebel theme so well. I’m actually not familiar with the Rhiannon you’re referring to! Spot-on re: Gordon.


Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac! Fantastic song with some killer lyrics.


Just refreshed my memory on Hawk’s background, and some light reading on Nez Perce spiritual beliefs make me think his Stand, or “wyakin” wouldn’t have a media-adjacent name. All Nez Perce are expected to go on a search for their wyakin around adolescence, and I think Hawk is pretty much a master of his.

I’m also pretty sure that Log Lady and Major Briggs spend a lot of time in the Metaverse.

After watching Leland’s confession, it occurs to me again that Laura would have been the strongest Stand user in Twin Peaks. I’d go with Sybil, after Sybil Ludington, “The Female Paul Revere” who rode WAY harder than that dude and gets like zero credit. Strong Makoto vibes.


Friend, this hole goes even deeper.


I could not be more pleased.

I could keep going down this track for days solid. Playing a Twin Peaks Persona game and making friends with those people cranks me up.


This is not even accounting for all the extra lore thats about to drop


Also relevant:


What gives me pause when I think about a Persona-style Twin Peaks game, is that the combat and investigation can happen both inside the Otherworld and out. If you were to play as Cooper, your main party members are probably a mix of users, sensitives, and non-sensitives. Harry and Andy are most likely not sensitive, while Hawk is a huge psychic badass. Log Lady and Lucy are probably your Navigators. Who’s in the party on a regular basis to give you options?

Edit: The answer is you have parallel storylines between two parties.


Hoping to revive this, now that The Return has started.

The musical number in episode 02 only strengthens the shared universe building in my head. The vocalist has the same looks as Elizabeth or Margaret, the lighting scheme is a rich indigo right out of the Velvet Room, and the song being performed is about how “you” are a shadow of the person “I” met. What’s more, Laura/Not Laura takes off her damn face like a mask in the Red Room!

The best part is that I would put hard currency on Lynch not knowing the first things about Persona or anything in that series.

I continue to love the Twin Peaks sheriff’s department and everyone in it. Hawk’s moment of doubt over the chocolate bunny is one of those moments that would translate so perfectly to a Persona-style game.

Unrelated: traveling from the Otherworld and vice versa looks INCREDIBLY unpleasant. I can’t help but think that every combat encounter in Persona: Twin Peaks would end up being a harrowing experience. Cooper’s return from the Black Lodge seems to have lobotomized him somewhat, but his “Third Eye” ability has been vastly upgraded.

Bad Cooper’s speech about needing nothing, and only wanting makes me very uneasy about what that Palace would look like. Would Bob even give the slightest consideration to things like architecture?

There is so much to talk about.