Couch co-op games

Hey duders, my partner isn’t a big gamer, (she prefers me to play through games that she can comfortably watch from the couch or drop 800000 hours into Animal Crossing in a sitting), but since Overcooked came out we’ve done literally nothing but 3 star every level in that game. I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what we should play through next? We tried Borderlands and the first person perspective annoyed her, especially in split screen, so something more team focused and puzzle like feels like the right track, thank you in advance for all your help! (would be playing on PS4 or 3DS)
If you have any stories about fun times you had playing couch co-op games please write in with them too, I love hearing those kind of anecdotes

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I remember liking Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light’s local coop but haven’t played it since it came out so I don’t know how well it holds up. If that turns out to be your thing, there is also a sequel called Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

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I second the Guardin of Light as a great game with excellent two player co-op. I had tons of fun with it and the puzzles are generally very good.
Chariot is also a very cool co-op game that I recommend checking out. I guess I would call it a puzzle game, or maybe a puzzle-platformer.

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I keep seeing that on sale but a top down Lara croft was putting me off playing it alone, I’ll totally check it out!

I’ll definitely look into both of them, thank you!

Pretty much all the LEGO games are built for two-player co-op and are great popcorn games

Guacamelee 1 & 2 can also be great co-op games if you’re both up for the challenge


My fiance enjoyed pad passing when we failed or passed a level in Zuma and Peggle.
In terms of actual co-op, Supermarket Shriek is new on gamepass I’m not sure if it’s on anything else but it’s worth a look, it’s fun.
Lovers In A dangerous Spacetime is worth checking out.
The latest Rayman has good co-op, as does Guacamelee, a cool metroidvania. (Didn’t realise it was mentioned above)

Could always try A Way Out for a more story focused game, regardless of how good or bad a thing is it’s usually made better with your partner.

Oh one more, Human Fall Flat is very good

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The LEGO games are my childhood and I keep forgetting they’re still going. I feel like a dingus for overlooking them, thank you so much


Also - and this may be more game than you’re looking for, but it’s worth noting - Divinity: Original Sin 1 & 2 make for cool couch co-op RPGs if at any point y’all want to tackle something bigger.

Lovers is downloading as we speak, but A Way Out seems like a perfect garbage popcorn couch game!
(she tried Guacamelee and had a distaste towards it because of the fact it had too many mechanics. She has beaten The Witcher 3, but Guacamelee was too complicated apparently… haha)

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Can’t believe I forgot about Lovers!

I played Lovers with my little cousin and he’s obsessed. My Fiance didn’t get into it too well.

I haven’t played A Way Out myself but it seems shlocky and fun to play together, it might even be on EA access.

My partner done the exact same thing with Guacamelee, it was too complicated, but she truly doesn’t play many games.

@Hache I’ve never finished it, maybe thats going to be our next game

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The X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are big co-op fun. With a third Alliance game finally getting made, it’s the perfect time to try the series. They’re simplistic top-down beat-em-up RPGs where you go through stages beating up villains and minions as various Marvel characters (I don’t say superheroes because the cast also includes picks like Deadpool, Blade, and Carnage). They’re made for up to four players.


Bad news, I missed out on these to

I should really look into picking up the remasters, I enjoyed the heck out of the first Ultimate Alliance when I was a kid

My partner and I just played through a cute co-op game on the Switch called Pitfall Planet that can only be beaten co-op and requires quite a bit of teamwork.

After that we’ve moved onto Nine Parchments which is a top down spellcasting game that we’ve been enjoying. My partner isn’t that great at it, but it’s fun laughing at the dumb stuff that happens, like them accidentally killing me so then we get a game over.

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Portal 2 theoretically supports couch coop on PC. but I had a heck of a time getting it to recognize two controllers. Probably works fine on consoles.

Goat Simulator is fun for messing around. Never Alone is good. The Magika games are wild but could be a good fit.

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If you have two 3ds’s, Gotta Protectors, the sequel to Protect Me Knight, is on there with wireless co-op. There’s a lot of goblins to hack and slash, and the onslaught of enemies becomes a puzzle as you figure out how to defend the princess either by fortifying barriers or upgrading your strength with your hard earned gold. The character designs for the playable classes range from goofy and embarrassing to just goofy, so scope that out first before you decide to go into it together?

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You can just buy a disk if you own an older console. MUA came out in the 7th gen, it may even be backwards compatible on PS4 and XB1. Getting a disk copy is pretty cheap too.


PS3 games aren’t backwards-compatible on PS4, unfortunately.

Also looks like the remasters of MUA 1 & 2 got delisted from PSN.

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