Could podcast articles be given a *Podcast* tag

I know I sound like a broken record but this would really help people find the place for podcast discussion without needing to change how the topics are named.


This would help in finding discussion I’m interested in seeing without it being hidden under a title I wouldn’t think to look at. It is always very strange to me that the discussion threads don’t even use the names of the episodes, let alone the numbers.


Please, for the love of god. The current discoverability is ridiculous. You have to randomly guess what threads are podcast threads, and you can’t even get to it from the website because the “discuss this on the forums” link just lead to the forums, not the specific thread.


Yes please. Its deflating trying to look up a discussion on podcasts when you don’t listen in the right window. Listen too soon and there’s no thread, too late and you have to find whatver arcane title they used from the three minutes in the middle they talked about something you probably dont care about and definitely don’t remember.
And you can’t rely on going to the articles on vice because they just link to the “news stories” tag, not to the forum topic specifically for the podcast episode.


The way we currently pull the articles from the site to create these threads doesn’t give us a way to distinguish a podcast article.

We will look into what we can do to fix this on our side (because it annoys us too), but in the meantime, we can manually add [PODCAST Episode/Waypoints #] to the thread titles.


Thankyou! I really appreciate it.


That would be truly ace and much appreciated