Could Tom Brady, Who Lost to Big Dick Nick, Beat Monster Hunter?


In today's episode of Waypoint Radio, Danika, Austin, Patrick and yours truly discuss Super Bowl antics, Monster Hunter, and the excellent pixellated platformers we're all playing—including Celeste and Dandara, a Metroid-y Soulslike—before shifting over to Yakuza chat. There will be dads, and especially dads in white pants.

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I honestly did not think my day could get any better, but then I saw this title.


i was really hoping this title meant i was going to be able to read an indepth expose on noted human garbage tom brady playing monster hunter


Tom Brady is the monster.


Bless this episode


How dare you insult all monsters like this!


I take it back, you’re 100% right. Monster is too nice of a description for this poor sport.


I want this in the style of Barry Bonds Enters The World Of Myst.


did you join the forums specifically to post this? calm down pal its a joke


Worth noting “Big Dick Nick” has been Nick Foles nickname since his college days.


Interesting that you targeted Danika and Danielle and not Austin and Patrick. It like you hate women.


of course it has been!


Thank you. This was my thought exactly before I got whisked away to work.


This is still the best headline I’ve ever seen