Could we subdivide the forum into multiple boards?


Is there any chance we could get a few different boards for different topics, rather than have one endless scroll for every topic? At this early point, the forums are updating and scrolling so fast it’s almost easier to hope that a thread I wanted to comment in gets bumped again than to scroll down or ctrl+f a specific term (and only in a thread, not while on the main board?)…

I might just need to wait until the initial rush of folks pouring onto the forum and posting subsides a bit, but if we continue to have this level of traffic, I might feel most comfortable being able to peek into a specific subdivision: here we have video game discussion, here board games and roleplaying, etc. Thoughts on the matter?


There actually sort of is. If you use the drop down in the top left on the main feed, you can see the breakout by category and then browse specific categories. I’m not sure if this solves the specific issue you’re having with the site but it’s there! I’m still getting used to Discourse myself.


It kind of already is! You can sort by ‘Categories’ using the dropdown at the top of the page, which serve the same purpose as ‘subforums’ do on other forum layouts.

edit: oop, I got swiped


Eek sorry! One thing I do wish this forum had was a “x is typing” style notification when you’re browsing a topic.


ooh, that’s handy. Consider this thread more or less of a moot point, then–I’ll chalk it up to iteration of forum tech over the years since I’ve been a frequent forumite.


Gonna lock this one then since y’all did the helping for me!