Country roads, take me home - Alien: Covenant spoiler discussion


Just from reading some reviews and Twitter discussions this weekend, it seems like Alien: Covenant has sparked some healthy debate about the Alien universe, the mythology of it all, and - on a smaller scale - the structure of the movie and its various twists.

I’ll write out a longer reply with my own take further down, but I’m imagining how one feels about A:C has a lot to do with their original reaction to Prometheus and what one generally expects from an Alien/Ridley Scott movie.

What’d you think?


What’s Your Favorite Alien Movie?

David’s existence bothers me more and more under increasing focus. We could have made them look like anything, but we made them look like Micheal Fassbender? And then kept doing that? Weird.


Yeah, I think Scott’s increasing focus on David, to the point where the aliens are more of an afterthought, is really revealing.

Rather than introduce a new synthetic model for this movie, as is traditional in the series, he brought back a pure foil of David in Walter so he could more explicitly explore the differences between the two. I think Covenant really helped flesh out some of David’s actions in Prometheus that had bewildered me in the first time that I watched it.

(Also, have just read Spaihts’ original Prometheus script, I think it’s notable that David’s role in the creation of the aliens was reshuffled quite a bit, giving him the credit of being the key creator of the aliens as we know them.)