‘Covet Fashion’ Made Me Feel I Belonged at New York Fashion Week

It was a miserable, rainy, and windy Friday afternoon, but despite how badly the J, M, and D trains did not want me to make it to the Badgley Mischka studio in Midtown, I was in their dressing room, tits out, squeezing myself into a dress. I was trying to find something I could wear to Saturday's New York Fashion Week runway show. After I zipped myself up, I immediately heard a coo from behind me.

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“These are clothes for people who actively want to be seen.”
"…Reassurance… that you could fit in this world if you wanted to. "

I don’t have much to say other then that as someone both amazed and in awe of fashionable people, while also terrified at attempting anything fashionable (anything that wants to be seen), I just wanted to say that this article from start to end was incredible.

The way it wrestled with the absolute joy of it all (both as an individual and as part of a supportive group) , along with the problems in aesthetic messaging inherent in this really cool scene… it was all good, all the way through. So glad Gita Jackson joined this crew.


Does this mean we can/should reignite the assorted fashion threads?

Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive) died too young!


Gita’s outfit was pure fire, and this was a great article as well. “How edgy.”

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