Critics to Follow: Anime Feminist

Hi Waypoint folks!

I’m curious if any of you follow or have heard of Anime Feminist, a website/podcast that does a lot of thoughtful and interesting anime critique that I suspect would appeal to a lot of followers of Waypoint.

I stumbled on it while looking for a source of anime recommendations that would actually be critical of sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. tropes in anime, and could tell me which shows avoided them or had value despite them. Lately, it’s made me actually excited about anime for the first time in years, and given me a source of criticism that I’ve never found in that space before.

(It’s worth noting, also, that they’re planning on doing some crowdfunding soon and I’d love to see them get more support)

Who else do you follow for sociopolitically responsible anime criticism?


Most of the writers for Anime News Network are pretty on the level. The one I primarily follow is Nick Creamer, a very outspoken leftist anime critic. His top 30 list helped me find a handful of genuinely great anime, while articulating the issues with a series like Sword Art Online.

The ANN podcast is hosted by an openly gay couple, who recently had a long discussion about the gross fundamentalism and queerphobia in ‘Darling in the Franxx’.

Also as a general rule, avoid most YouTube anime critics (Digibro, Eyepatch Wolf, etc), not because their views are necessarily harmful, but because their taste is just dull and homogenous.


Wow, cool thing about that top 30 list is not only that I like a lot of shows on there, but that I haven’t heard of a lot of others! begins adding to crunchyroll queue…

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