Crunchyroll Partners with Twitch for 120-Hour Anime Marathon

Who assigned me to this article?

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I only watched 2 episodes of Mob Psycho 100 but I really liked what I saw so it might be a good opportunity to see the rest

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It reminds me of watching anime in high school with a big group of friends. Curious to how it’ll works and yes @patrick.klepek your wife is a waifu.

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The fact that Patrick wrote this article fills my heart with so much joy.


We need a stream of patrick watching this stream while it streams.

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Senior Anime Editor Catrick Klepek putting in WORK.

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Do we need this much meta? And will it just be Patrick loosing his mind? Now add Austin helping him through it and you got me a viewer.

Well to be fair I don’t know how well YOI and Dragon Maid will fair under Austin either. Mob is at least shonen. But yes, what I really want is a team stream of anime.

Austin talked highly of Yuri on ice. Not sure if he into Dragon maid with it fan-service but he would like the family aspects.

I loved Mob Psycho 1 thru Mob Psycho 99 but Mob Psycho 100 is where it’s at!

I can’t get the image of Austin Crowbar draping a damp cloth over Patrick’s Sickle’s forehead as he suffers from an anime fever dream out of my head.

Ah right, that makes sense. It made the kind of waves Austin picks up on, otherwise I just hear more about his giant robo streak than anything else.

Still, we need a viewing party.

Alright, alright, hear me out… what if you had mechs… but they were DRAGONS!

Honestly, all the social commentary from mech shows is in Dragon Maid what with the feeling like you’re in a world that doesn’t support your lifestyle, figuring out who you are and what you mean to people, finding out how to support others and adapt your lifestyle to a harsh world around you. That’s also very Mob Psycho now that I think about it… I think absolutely anyone could enjoy it should they give it a fair shake.

Problem with maid dragon is both the Luluco and Kanna side stuff.

Mob Psycho gets amazing later on. I know one punch man gets more hype than Mob but of the two series by ONE I think Mob is the greater one. The characters are all just so lovable in comparison. Definitely keep going with it!

Who would be into a recurring article of Patrick trying to suss out the names of each anime, each season?

I can only imagine how bad that Twitch chat is going to be. But I’ve been meaning to watch Mob Psycho and Kobayashi’s (if only to see why so many people in my circles seem to like it where they despise things like Yuru Yuri and Kill la Kill), so I might watch it with chat closed.

I think this is awesome. Any word on whether the shows will be subbed or dubbed?

If it’s CR it’s probably subs, Hidive is the place for dubs by and large.

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