'Crusader Kings III' Is a World of Complexity That Feels Powerfully Alive

Crusader Kings III is massively, powerfully alive. You can almost feel it pulsing when you play it. Often, deep into the third, fourth, fifth hour of play, I'd realize I wasn't so much playing it as watching it develop. The streamlining of its user experience and the accessibility of the wealth of information it collates for each and every citizen of it's stunning rendering of Europe, continental Asia and northern Africa has not just made this a game that's legible to more kinds of players; it has opened up new dimensions in its sense of character.

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This is the review I’ve been waiting for since this game was announced, and just the title alone is incredibly heartening. The hard part for me is going to be fitting this into my gaming schedule…

Boy, I’d love a CK3 series with Gita and Rob like the Austin and Rob X-Com series.


Please people share your stories and maps on this when it comes out and other Paradox titles I simply love to see it. AARs are so fun.

I think it’s dropping on Gamepass tonight.

Btw, this was a really fun video on how wacky the game can get:

You can dress your baby with ancient crowns they should not have.

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