'Crusader Kings III' is the Best Medieval Intrigue Simulator

Has anyone else been having really bad save corruption issues?

Not really bad, but I’m on Microsoft store/Xbox app and I realized that if the cloud save box is checked the saves would get corrupted immediately. So there’s that

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I loved CK2 so it’s not surprising that I’m regularly up to 1AM playing this game.

Out of all the improvements my favorite thing is the way the game allows you to focus on smaller regions and characters much more easily. CK2 was much more fun when you were playing a large independent ruler. But the expanded intrigue and diplomacy systems, vassal contracts, and physical baronies have made playing a vassal much more interesting. I had a very enjoyable game where I started as a minor count in the HRE and for several generations was almost exclusively focused on the politics of the rhine valley.

But being a paradox game it is imperfect. They really really need to bring back exclave independence. Starting in 865 results in coastal Europe, and especially Britain, being a terrible mess of random viking lords who are the vassal of a vassal of some distant Viking King. Why does the king of Estonia own two non-contiguous counties in Sardinia? Why can I, the king of Norway, create the duchy of Tangiers? Will Wales ever be whole again?

Alliances are also kinda fucked. It is way too easy for both the player and AI to bring allies into wars. Distance and relevance should be factors in acceptance since right now if an AI isn’t doing anything they will happily send their entire army halfway across the continent. My third son being married to the King of Norway’s second daughter should not allow me to call 8000 heavily armed Scandinavians to Sicily at a moment’s notice.

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It’s one of the game rules, the default setting allows connections via ocean tiles, but you can also bump it up to “Total”, which forces all exclaves not connected by land or a ruler’s de jure territory to become independent.

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On the other hand: I am awful at warfare in CK games - I was terrible at it in CK2, and seem to be awful at it in CK3 too (I have no idea, at the moment, why I seem to be unable to flee superior forces - they always seem to catch me before I can leave the territory; and I always seem to have smaller forces than opponents that CK3 tells me are of “Similar” military power to me, so I almost always lose direct battles - and I have no idea how anyone affords upgrades to their towns, or military, as I’ve not had enough money to do anything like that in >100 years). So I’m perfectly happy to be supported by the 3K of troops from the middle of Norway who agreed to come and help out…

I didn’t realize that, Thank you

I’m going to say that you being bad at a core mechanic of the game is not a great reason to keep a broken system. If you need more money wait longer between wars, disband some of your men at arms, strategically disband your troops during extended engagements, and siege capital provinces to get those captives. Ransom can make war profitable.

You’re assuming that I am starting these wars: I’ve started exactly 1 war in the entirety of my current run, and had more than 12 started against me by others. As a result mostly of those wars [and my vassals getting into internal wars and messing up their county control, further reducing my income], I have never had more than 100 gold since the start of the run, and have spent most of the game at 10 gold or in the negatives.
(Also: sieging capital provinces is great… if you have a military that’s worth a damn in the first place :wink: )

I can’t tell you why but I found this quote to be incredibly amusing. Just the idea of some royals sitting around going "dang what’s going on I thought this crusade was going to be like every other milk run and here we are 300 years later and the damn thing is still on going. How can we back out now??? "

Really looking forward to diving deep into this game but it came out when I have about a month left to prepare for a cert test and I just know this will consume my free time once I dip in…

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I’m paralyzed with character choice again. Played a few hours of the tutorial and another couple as the King of Sweden but the improvements to playing as a vassal have kinda tempted me to start further down the ladder but I’m too indecisive. Might just random character til something turns up that catches my interest.

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Bohemia or Tuscany are pretty fun in 1066. You’re independently powerful and have expansion opportunities but still have to navigate HRE politics.


having not played many big strategy games at all… my only experience being with total war: warhammer… would i like this game? seems like it’s much more based on political machinations than military stuff, is that accurate?

Well, it’s a mix of both.
You have a lot of personal development for each ruler you play, including personal “schemes” and the choice to develop various paths.
You can also choose to focus on interacting with the rest of the world primarily via diplomacy, intrigue (blackmail and manipulation), and making marriage alliances…
…but the martial path, taking forces to war to gain territory or defend yourself, is still very much in the game. [Personally, I’ve always preferred the non-martial options; and you’ll have seen my moaning about being bad at warfare in CK3 being dismissed in this thread by people who like that kind of thing.]

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There’s a pretty good chance you’ll like it I think, as long as the real time battles of Total War aren’t the main thing. Like aonania said, warfare is still a huge part of the game – I’d go so far as to say it’s the thing you’ll spend the most moment to moment time on – and it actually plays out pretty similarly to Total War, just with “real time” movement and with automatic resolution forced. As far as what you’re clicking on, most of the political stuff is really just waiting for timers, making choices in event windows, managing an opinion stat, and finding people to marry your kids to.

It’s pretty easy to get a feel for the game from lets plays, so I’d recommend checking a few videos out. If you can tolerate frequent interruptions from twitch donations, Quill18’s Duke of Anjou series is a pretty great one to try. Its also on gamepass if you have that.


thanks y’all. i think i’ll give it a shot on gamepass, will report back.

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If someone had told me that CK is basically “fuck them kids” the game, I probably would have gotten into the series a lot sooner


I made a Portugal! The story is nothing special, though, I just conquered my way down the coast after gaining independence.

I’m undecided on whether I should continue and try to “Unite the Spanish Crowns” (a special decision available for controlling all of Galicia, Leon, and Castille) and then form the Empire of Hispania or to leave this run behind and start a new one. I kinda feel like doing something in Central Asia or India, especially since I never played a Hindu or Buddhist ruler in CK2.


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Looks like some details about what led to the Collective Agreement have come out. And… Oof.

I wonder if we’d all be as hot on CK3 as we are if the story about the mistreatment dropped before the Collective Agreement did.


These stories have been around for a while, but this was the first time a major site has reported on it.