'Crusader Kings III' is the Best Medieval Intrigue Simulator

Yeah, it really sucks. QA always gets shit on. Executive types seem to view QA as a “cost center” like IT, despite both being vital to the success of a company.

My own employer went through this cycle of eliminating dedicated QA teams, with a couple of QA specialists being integrated into dev teams, who resented the QA people for slowing down their sprint velocity (lol), then firing the QA specialists, and then being all shocked Pikachu at the sharp decrease in the quality of the shipped product and the number of bugs being reported by customers. But that’s enterprise stuff. As usual, the game industry finds a way to treat people even worse than the software industry as a whole.


who resented the QA people for slowing down their sprint velocity (lol), then firing the QA specialists, and then being all shocked Pikachu at the sharp decrease in the quality of the shipped product and the number of bugs being reported by customers

I’ve seen this happen way too many times.

I’ve always tried to go to bat for my QA people. It’s a tough sell. It’s a difficult, detail oriented job that takes a lot of skill to do well, but there’s a prevailing culture in a lot of shops that QA is a lesser position, not respected, paid well, or retained.

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I thought I’d give the Alfred the Great start a go and holy shit this guys stats and traits are out if this world.

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Wasn’t he famously ill?

Yeah his health was apparently a going concern during his adult life.

Well I just had the true Crusader Kings experience.

My spymaster found out my oldest son and oldest daughter (heir) were boning down so told me about it and one of the ways I could deal with it would be to join in, burn off some stress, and take them as lovers.

It is 894 and all three of us are smokin’ hot so it makes sense.


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You may not like it, but this is peak dynastic performance


Just throwing out a recommendation, if you’re looking for a fun start after finishing the Ireland tutorial, León, Spain in 1066 is a very fun start that provides a lot of opportunity for intrigue shenanigans.

Anyone have any other recommendations for good starts after playing through the tutorial game?


Leon was made the official tutorial start later on in CK2’s lifespan!

If you’re looking for an interesting area to learn slightly different mechanics while still having relative security and ample opportunity to recover then I would recommend the Rurikids over in Russia as a 1066 start. Gives you an introduction to Seniority succession so a lot of frequent character shifts within a few de jure kingdoms largely ruled over by the same family which means there’s a lot of dynastic inheritances alongside general conquest within a fairly short timeframe.


I’ll also say I had a fairly easy 867 start as the Rurikids, that’s a tribal start where you’re doing raiding and stuff but I found it very straightforward to get bigh. Eventually on successions I had really intense border gore that I didn’t feel like sorting out but I was doing fairly well overall.

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do people recommend starting with modified situations like gender equality/queer acceptance?

my dilemma is, this is my first entry into the series and strategy games in general, so getting the hang of all the different systems has been really tough for me. i get a little ways into a run, think “im… not having fun,” and quit out because im honestly not. i keep thinking a good goal is to work towards reforming my culture/kingdom/faith towards gender equality and queer acceptance, but im bouncing off the long road to get there. at the same time, i do like the idea of bending history to my queer whim at the point of a sword quite a lot…

do you think starting with those things in place and focusing on other stuff would help bring me into the game for an eventual longer run? i think its really interesting, but given how much im struggling im beginning to wonder if im just not cut out for the genre.

I think it’d be worth trying the game out with those modifiers in place already. Changing your religion/realm rules is kind of a big undertaking and other people don’t like you doing it, adding another layer to the challenge of simply keeping the people under you and around you from deciding they want to be king or queen or duchess instead of you.

Playing with those rules changes is probably the only reason I have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Yeah, I would change those rules because you have to be prepared for anything and everything to move at a glacial pace especially if you’re not fully comfortable with all the game’s systems.

There are some culture/religion pairings with land already in the default starts (mostly in Africa or parts of India, as I remember) with equality, at the very least.