Crypt worlds: your darkest desires, come true

CRYPT WORLDS gets mentioned here in general threads all the time, but I think it would be nice if it had its own thread.
I spent the morning playing it, I still haven’t finished it but it has had a positive impact on the rest of my day. So y’all like CRYPT WORLDS too?


So I find Cryptworlds very interesting as a game, but I got the ending where you “ruin everything” and just didn’t return to finish it after that. I also find the peeing a bit crude but the surrealist humor is interesting.

Still haven’t finished so I can’t comment on that yet.
The peeing theme/mechanic is a bit improper, but I think it’s pregnant with meaning and one of the most interesting parts of the game. One of my most base criticisms of urban/suburban American society is the relationship between finding places to relieve myself of bodily fluids and the physical layout/expectations of consumerism. A simple example of this would be how my parents would always buy something from a convenience store when I had to use the bathroom (and how I continue to feel like a douche for not doing the same to this day. I actually make some of my purchasing decisions based on when I may have to relieve myself, which is pretty absurd). I understand that if we all piss all over the place, it’ll smell bad, but I’ve also heard that urination in public can get you put on a sex-offender list. And in regards to my “darkest desires”, I do enjoy the fantasy of marking my paths my pissing on stuff like a dog; it is such a wonderfully vulgar expression of establishing a sense that this simulated world is dominated by the player (similar to a shooting mechanic in many commercial games). Considering all that context, the peeing works well thematically.
Mechanically, it is actually kinda brilliant. What we have essentially is an economics-game that blends farming-simulation with exploration. As I progress in the game I get two different types of currency. I gather gold based on farming, exploration, and exploitation of exchange-rates; and as I’m doing that I have a piss-currency that is incredibly valuable, but must be deposited in 11(?) different spots distributed throughout the space. Since the game basically wants me to go back and forth between spaces as time passes, I find myself trying to optimize use of piss since I can only hold a limited amount. This encourages the player to re-search-out the holes in which it can be deposited. I love that optimization of the mechanics in the game lead the player to hunt around public areas to find a place to relieve themselves, while managing to treat a poorly regarded bodily function as something of value, AND create an incentive to revisit areas enough to familiarize the player with those areas leading to a sense of place.

I’ve been wanting to return to this, and I think I found my excuse!

The last time I played Crypt Worlds, it was my first knowing interaction with “trans art” (before I had any idea I might be trans), so I’m excited to go back and look at it through that lens!