'Cuphead' Is Being Turned Into an Animated TV Show for Netflix

Netflix announced a new cartoon series today: The Cuphead Show! Based off Studio MDHR's 2017 side scroller Cuphead, the show is expected to "expand on the characters and world of Cuphead, with animation style inspired by the classic Fleischer cartoons from the 1930s," according to the press release.

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Not sure how to feel about this one

I’m nervous. 1930s animation stuff can get real . . . . Not great for black people visually. Lots of stuff they can pay homages to can be suspect as heck.


Yeah, this is maybe not the best idea unless they’re finally going to actually address some of the issues with this animation style (which I doubt)


I’m glad the article refers back to Cole’s article on Cuphead and the racism that is inherint in Fleischer-era animation.

Where there was novelty on a technical level for a game using this style, another cartoon that uses this animation style uncritically is completely innapropriate, and the quote cited from MDHR back with the games release was really discouraging


“We’re Canadian so all this ‘racism’ stuff doesn’t apply to us”


EDIT: on second pass through, i think i hate their quote even more. This whole “well gee golly we are just ignorant Canadians, we don’t know anything about the 1930 USA media despite deliberately picking it to be our artstyle” is so goddamn insincere.


Ah yes, love it when my countrymen apparently don’t know what racism is just a short while after our government officially acknowledged the continued genocide of indigenous peoples that’s integral to Canada’s sovereignty.

I fucking hate this country and our faux ignorance and/or innocence.


I would be much happier if they put out more Cuphead music and left the animation out of it.

Considering the producers signed onto the project, I’m predicting this is going to be stylistically more alike to the 90s animation style of Nickelodeon than sticking to the Fleischer inspiration of the game itself.

That’s probably the right decision to further distance themselves from the controversial imagery of those original cartoons, but it’s still so disappointing that they aren’t willing to fully own up to how much of the game’s imagery is still tinged with those prejudiced ideas, as Cole outlined in his piece.

While I understand all the problems associated with it, a Cuphead animated TV show that isn’t done in the Cuphead animation style would be one of the most boneheaded decisions I’ve ever heard of. The animation style is Cuphead’s whole thing! Without it, it’s just another indie action-platformer that almost certainly would not be getting a TV show.