Custom PS5 Plate Company Dares Sony to Sue It, Gets Sued, Trolls Sony Again

The PlayStation 5 is an ugly machine. Thankfully, the hideous white plates flanking either side of the gaming console come off and there are several companies that sell variations on Sony’s white, default theme. One of those companies is Dbrand, which is so confident it can sell these plates it threatened Sony to sue it if it thought otherwise. Sony obliged, and threatened to sue Dbrand, which prompted the company to delist its product.

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Never seen a case of terminally online brain expanded to an entire company in this way, damn.


Console owners across the world loved the PlayStation 5 but some most hated the startlingly white faceplates.

I do not know a single person who the white side plates would fit into their room decor. Solid white is to my understanding a bad color choice because it often looks unnatural. Most people who have white walls in their home don’t even have solid white, it’s often a white offset.

Anyway I can’t believe Sony would even bother going after anyone making third party addons for their console? Imagine if every auto manufacturer started coming after people who made after market cosmetic parts. Also the number of people buying these can’t be that many and even then Sony itself could easily out compete by just releasing their own solid black side panels. I guess if you have lawyers on retainer and need to put them to work?


Just case and point because Waz is 100% right and I actually did get these a few months back (and somewhat regret it considering that this company seems to be run by reddit edgelords), here’s a before/after:

Black >>> white, even with (off)white walls. It blends so much better with the TV, the stand, and matches my Series X too. Guess these are a collector’s item though now, so that’s fun.


I mean, Apple basically ruled the aughts with blinding white plastic. But then Sony has never had the cultural cachet of white earbuds to build a brand around.

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I was a big fan of the PS5 design when it was first revealed. I thought it was striking and futuristic in a really neat way. But in person it is very ugly. The way the white plastic shows every bit of dirt plus how obtrusively large and awkward it is makes it looks like it already has a weird 3rd party case.

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I still have a Wii plugged into my entertainment system, so actually I have no real issues with the PS5 being white. Also, my Switch has red joycons since I got the Super Mario Odyssey bundle, so I just accept that it’s going to be entirely un-#aesthetic. (Though, to be fair, I also don’t own a PS5, so perhaps I’d hate it anyway.)