'Cyberpunk 2077' Bunnyhopping Bug Makes Players Run Faster Than Any Car

Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City is a maze of highways and neon towers. If players need to cross the map they can drive a car, hop between fast travel points, or use the game's player character V’s cybernetic legs to zoom down the road at speeds not meant for human travel. The latter is not a special ability a player unlocks as part of the game's vast skill trees, but rather what's known in video games as a "bunnyhopping" bug, and it’s both a boon to speedrunners and a fun way to traverse the game.

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Oh, wow, 2077 has the same bunnyhopping bug that literally thousands of games going back at least as far as Quake have? Definitely deserves a full article. For sure.


Remember how with Kingdom Come Deliverance Waypoint decided it wouldn’t give air to the GG affiliated game and dignify it with articles and reviews?


Vice really doesn’t want me to read it’s articles at least.


Yuuuuuuuuup. 2077 is at least as deserving of that treatment, if not moreso, yet here we are.

Who the hell is the current EIC for Vice Gaming anyway? I can’t seem to find a clear answer on that anywhere.

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To the best of my knowledge, there is no Waypoint/Vice Games EIC now. All the staff is part of the Motherboard team - Jason Koebler is EIC.

I don’t want to click through but am I right to assume Gault is the author?

Even if so, I definitely wouldn’t pin this on any particular writer. It’s a long string of articles, not just one or two, which is 100% an editorial direction issue.

Ultimately what’s concerning is the result: Vice’s written output does not represent what Waypoint - and this community - was built around. And it continues to fucking suck to see these sorts of articles.


Waypoint is a podcast and a forum. Vice games is its own entity that adheres to the same model as any other games site and as a result I find myself less and less interested in clicking through to the articles on the other side of these posts.

I kind of wonder what it would take to break this forum off from vice games completely, have it focused solely on the podcast and community.

Edit: Mods, do a mutiny is what I’m saying.


super mods are asleep, post incitement of insurrection at regular mods



fifteen characters

eff this!!!

Ugh I knew this was going to be tone of the thread when I opened this and it’s totally deserved, but I now realize that much of my recent activity has been in a few of these threads.

Is there a Pyre thread somewhere? I need to cleanse my brain (in the flame for 20pts)


yeah i can’t do this anymore. i’m done with ‘new stories’.

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