Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Apparently gifted a far right Spanish politician a cyberpunk jacket

So, some context, I saw that a youtuber I watch who is OBSESSED with Cyberpunk 2020 and 2077 was furious with CDPR:

This politician was apparently given a Cyberpunk jacket at a game jam in Madrid. She’s usually the first to jump on the CDPR defense band wagon, so this was surprising for me. She elaborated who this dude was:

He’s a part of the Vox political party in Spain, an apparent far right wing party.

This sounds… Bad. Knowing their history, it’s hard to say, “Well, maybe they didn’t know who this dude was.” But it seems like there’s a growing pattern of bad behavior. And as Madqueen says:


Fuck em.

Don’t buy anything they make ever again. We have had so many warning signs and I feel like if anyone was left sitting on the fence, you should get off now (especially with Spain’s history with fascism). This is pretty much the definite “Shout Outs to Mark” moment for this trash company.

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So an alt-right politician (like apparently a very blatant, borderline nazi of a borderline nazi party) says a thing and we are supposed to believe that wholesale?

Do I need to get out the countless other receipts of CDPR’s flirting with bigoted and alt-right beliefs? The artist who decided the best idea to say they weren’t transphobic by making a bizarre point that she thinks sexualized depictions of transwomen are hot, the big reveal that the GoG marketing team seems to be run by possible Gaters, how the Witcher series treats women in general, their horrific comments about crunch, ect.

Even if this politician made up a lie (and this is an extremely pointless thing to lie about), there’s so much more to look back on that should seriously have you question if this is a company you want to support.


This isn’t me “supporting CDPR”, this is me not believing in the words of nazis. Because they are nazis and do not, do not ever operate in good faith, especially with this kind of party and what they believe in.

Every shitty thing CDPR did is what they did and in the open. But this is apparently some random nazi douchebag wearing a jacket saying he got it because (and I’m getting this from the ResetERA thread about this; the same thread also states that this guy’s site are known liars and that also CDPR gives out these jackets for free at events) it’s a gift and they’re good friends with the whole team? And we just… believe that? Really? Really.

EDIT: “and this is an extremely pointless thing to lie about” So is lying about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama and breaking a law by tampering with official emergency maps, and the goddamn United States President did exactly that! Nazis lie! All the time! About everything! Why are we giving NAZIS the benefit of the doubt now?!? And why wouldn’t they lie about being close to a huge and rising gaming company at a gaming event?


What matters is if CDPR publicly denounces this politician’s vote of support for their game. Everything they’ve done so far has cast an image of “mostly right-leaning gamer bros who keep showing their whole ass and trying to reign it in after the fact”.

Even after their countless PR fiascos, this would still be a hard-right pivot for them.


Looks like Madqueen is going to talk about it more on her podcast:

Edit: I haven’t listened to this yet, so I don’t know what to expect.

CDPR’s entire history is about making sure they neatly align with at least right-leaning white dudes, coming from of a culture where white dudes being overtly unflinchingly suckass has been normalized and prevalent arguably longer than the US (a point used to justify their shit at times). Their games have been fuckin bingo cards of all the shit your creepy older male family members are a little to into on GoT. They’ve inspired white supremacists to make games (kingdom come) even with the game they quarter-heartedly put a shitass whitewashed racism metaphor in (TW3). The past year has been several angles of conveniently plausibly-deniable dogwhistling to GGers, transphobes and any other form of rot coming outta their marketing channels for both their store and game(s). Their primary demographic is people who still say “pc master race” unironically.

Unless Cyberpunk has some incredible cultural pull in Spain, I can’t really see why a right-winger would lie this specifically when there are a million other lies more relevant to their goals, and the idea that CDPR would just up and do something appalling for promotional material out of nowhere in a way thats shocking to the senses of any decent person… hasnt exactly proven to be abnormal for them at all?

The hesitancy to just say “yo cdpr is beyond suss and raw sucks ass” in this here videogame sphere is real fuckin incredible.


I get your point but CDPR has lost the benefit of the doubt that I would give to a different studio about this situation. You might be right about the situation not being quite as bad as portrayed but for now I have no reason to see CDPR in that light.


That’s my whole thing. Any other company, they get a benefit of the doubt. This company hired a gamergater to manage their social media accounts.


Also like its worth saying the individual people here going “okay i’m done with CDPR” are not going to dramatically wreck the bottom line of that company. There is no point in arguing with them (and us, I’m in the same boat) that our decision to go “ay yo fuck CDPR” is unreasonable. If this is the proverbial final straw for someone’s view of that company, than that’s fine. You don’t need to argue that it’s not that bad or that they deserve another chance. Deciding to give someone another chance is a very personal decision.

The idea of trying to go “no you’re acting too hasty” to a decision like that is really weird. Go make your own, leave me to mine. It’s not gonna cause Cyberpunk to not be a super mega hit.


Okay, well, it seems that people still think I’m “arguing that [CDPR] deserve another chance” and not actually reading what I’m saying, I’ll just have to make myself clearer that I really do not trust an actual, unambiguous alt-right politician on word alone, especially with something as asinine as “I got a jacket that any press can get for free because I’m super tight with the crew”.

“but why would they lie” NAZIS LIE ALL THE TIME. GAAAAA

If they’re not outright lying or spreading propaganda, they are operating in bad faith. Like if Trump started to talked shit about Kim Jong-Un and said he has a small tushie, I’m not going to believe Donald Trump just because I hate Jong-Un more.

How does it matter whether the politician is lying or not given that cdpr haven’t (as far as I’m aware) even bothered to deny it?


Look, I don’t want to pretend pricks like this are actually smart political tacticians, it’s a common mistake on the left to operate under that pretense n all, and for all we know this scumbag is really particularly into gamer games and just wants to look cool with the developers in an intensely juvenile and petty way. That kind of infantilism is basically a staple of the modern rich, so I’ll concede that.

The problem comes from how plausible it actually is, the lack of denial (which we still might get a bullshit damage control response out of eventually) and the extreme specificity of this move. Even if he’s lying, the fact that this scumbag thought CDPR would be the one big-name game company he could lie about getting hype support from without immediate vehement pushback and he is currently correct to have thought that speaks fuckin volumes. It’s one of those message-is-more-or-less-the-same-regardless-of-intent-or-detail things


I actually agree with you there. It’s just as likely this situation has been driven by this politician. It’s no secret the alt right using video games to recruit and get their message out. Could be this guy is trying to show he’s down with the gamers with a jacket anyone can get their hands on rather than CDPR endorsing his views.

It says a lot about your company that right-wingers can freely claim a friendly relationship with you without fearing immediately disavowal. CDPR isn’t even a publicly-traded entity or subsidiary of a larger company, so they are literally accountable to no one but their audience. Basically, whether CDPR are nazi-sympathisers or their audience is, it doesn’t make much difference to the outcome.


Incorrect, they actually are and apparently is one of the largest publicly traded companies in Poland.

I genuinely didn’t know that. If anything that makes their behaviour even more egregious because that’s just another feedback mechanism for bad press. Granted, markets don’t work. But I’d never expect this kind of consistent, winking support for bigotry from a Sony or a TakeTwo. Even if the majority of shareholders don’t care that much, it’s still a bad look that could hurt the bottom line.

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