Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reveal video


The Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay video is finally here. I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks of it.


It is how it was described by the people who saw it a E3.

Not entirely sure how important it was to release this rather than let people go off the reporting of said gameplay demo. I guess it doesn’t hurt and clearly 300k people tuned in to watch it on Twitch and even more will catch it with this VoD.


Hey cool a new cyberpunk short film.

I’m gonna watch this and hope that the game is way closer to done than they’ve already implied, but I’m not sure why I need 48 minutes of gameplay if it’s gonna spend another year and a half in the oven.


I don’t know what else I could have expected, but it just looks like another Dark Shooter Video Game.


I watched the entire thing and I don’t know, I’m not really feeling it. Perhaps my expectations were set way high and that’s on me. It looks fine but nothing of what I saw really hooked me or got me especially excited.


I’m glad that it’s out there publicly so that the game can be somewhat demystified after being hyped up a fair bit following E3. I didn’t think there was anything in the demo that looked out of this world and what did impress me was more what they’re promising will make it in (the scope and density of the city, namely) so time will tell on that.

It’s cool someone is making a game that feels in the lineage of Deus Ex considering that series seems to have taken a break, though I don’t have particularly high expectations that the writing will be any better here than it was in the likes of Mankind Divided. At least from what we saw here, it doesn’t look like it’s trying to do anything novel with cyberpunk and if anything is playing into some of its more tired tropes. Though there’s only so much you can tell from a 50min demo.

Ultimately, it looked fine. Maybe I’m being a little harsher given we’re not that far out from the other notable CDPR news, or maybe I just don’t have as much interest in this brand of cyberpunk that I used to. I was extremely pumped for this game a few years ago but my expectations have been tempered in the time since.


I’ll be honest the Twitter thing has made me significantly less interested in this game even over the course of a week. I was going to buy it no matter what, but now they’re going to have to blow me away.


jackie seems like james vega from mass effect 3 but less interesting

idk looks cool i guess


Interesting for them to put that “this is a very mature game” line in after what was clearly a very conceited effort to make sure a single exposed boob was in shot solidly for like 4 minutes streight.

It looks pretty good, lots of cool toys to play with and some light number crunching. All well and good. Kinda feels like it’s aiming for a demographic of 17 year old boys though. I’ll probably still play and enjoy the hell out of it though. I hope I can become 100% robot and that the idea of doing that isn’t treated like some Terrible Sin or whatever.


The art direction and level of detail in the world is really impressive, but it just reminds me of how overworked the devs there feel. I wouldn’t write it off as “just another shooter” as it seems to be doing something very deliberate and coherent but it’s not for me. I feel like it’s going to try to trick me into thinking it’s saying something edgy by having a lot of characters who have butts and cuss. I also feel like you can be the E3 darling or you can be a punk game but you can’t be both, and I doubt a studio that glorifies crunch is going to prove me wrong.


Going solely off the demo, this seems like a pretty good vertical slice. The Deus Ex-esque gameplay looks promising so far; I appreciate how the game seems to go out of its way to make its systems as diegetic – for the lack of a better word – as possible within the context of its setting (e.g. watching your characters implants be installed with all the body horror one might expect); this game has cyber Rick Ross; and as someone who tends to enjoy a sense of “place” in games above all else, 2077 looks like its oozing with world building and attention to detail.

All that said, the writing feels like it’s leaning all the way into the things I didn’t like about The Witcher III, and is in desperate need of another editor’s pass (or five). I get that cyberpunk narratives have historically been “dark”, and not to be the cursing police, but goddamn, I couldn’t stop thinking about that scene from The Wire (NSFW) with how much everyone swears at all times. It just felt so forced. Couple that with the “look at this sexy lady/victim of human trafficking” camera placements, and I’m left thinking of the tone as nothing but “grim-dark.” Like CaptainMorton here said, this looks like the sort of “mature” game targeted at 17-year-old boys. And then, of course, there’s all the anti-worker sentiment out of the company, the developer’s previous issues with diversity, and a social media office who keeps inciting GG sentiments…

I dunno. The game looks alright – I’m curious to see what a more formed version of this thing looks like. I guess I’m just left with the impression that it comes across as a very interesting expansion on the Deus Ex game, albeit with rather juvenile dialogue that tries to show that “dark = deep/mature.”


That Scene From The Wire is one of the funniest things ever put on television and I will not have it slandered

it’s also apparently based on reality too


Whoops, I worded that poorly (and meant to throw no shade at television’s greatest scene)! I just meant to imply that the copious reliance on profanity (particularly gendered epithets) in the demo reminded me a lot of that scene, albeit seemingly without The Wire’s self-awareness or ability to use profanity as a means for brevity. To me, CP2077’s utilization felt like a crutch more than anything.


Yeah, the profanity was very reminiscent of Westworld’s to me, which is to say

unrealistically frequent and juvenile


The four minutes boob scene was ridiculous. “Mature.” ffs

My favourite bit:


Sure was dark in that warehouse.


Who needs ambient light when you have lamps in your face?


I’ll play it but it just looks like edgy Deus Ex.


Everytime the narrator gabbed about the big open world they built all that happened is I was struck with the hypocrisy that “dystopias are cool.”

Also, seriously? A cutscene forcibly declaring our player character to be attracted to the opposite sex?


Yo could someone confirm/detail this in a spoiler-blurred content warning? Cos this sounds fucking gross.