'Cyberpunk 2077' Has a Replayability Problem

One of my favorite parts about Cyberpunk 2077 is that it allows me a whole variety of cyberpunk power fantasies. I can be the cybernetically enhanced ninja, hopping from rooftop to rooftop with a katana, silently taking down enemies, or I can be the master netrunner, who takes down an entire enemy outpost remotely, hijacking cameras and frying brain implants without ever lifting a finger. 

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Finite playthroughs.



I’m not gonna clickthrough to the article but just here to say that anybody liking the sound of a cybernetically enhanced ninja could just play System Shock 2 instead!


One of my favorite parts of Cyberpunk 2077 is being constantly reminded of it and unable to escape its presence on a gaming site that I once thought might be more thoughtful about giving so much unceasing exposure to a game full of transphobic imagery made by a company that has espoused transphobic language and is chock full of questionable labor practices, racial depictions, etc. to boot.


Please fuck off. This really the hill to die on Gault?


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But “New Stories” is an important category that I kind of want to see.


theres something very ironic abt the title of this article lmao

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Has a Replayability Transphobic/Racist/Labour/Ableist Problem


Honestly, this is the last fucking straw. “Vice Gaming” is off my RSS reader. If they ever publish a decent article again, I’ll hear about it elsewhere.


it has a regular playability problem too. it sucks lol


This has to be a bit at this point

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It’s certainly comical but, like, a tragic-comedy without any cathartic payoff? Just clicks.

Look, as someone who is academically obsessed with cyberpunk I understand wanting to play and cover this game… but I’m doing it longform on my blog. Exactly once. Vice games is explicitly mining 2077 for clicks and it’s sad. I cannot.


I’m sure this isn’t a uniquely me take, but my tolerance for some cynical click-mining would be much higher if doing so with this specific game didn’t represent such a clear and obvious departure from the editorial direction of the Waypoint-that-was. That GOTY piece, in particular, wouldn’t come from the same website that dedicated a whole week or whatever to interrogating the relationship of guns or the carceral state with games.


i will sleep for one extra hour for every single fucking 2077 article that goes up


Enjoy your 20 hour nap!


exactly. we all know sites needs clicks. but there is a weird elephant-in-the-room vibe regarding certain issues with the game. many of these articles would be easier to handwave if there was something on the site really digging into those problems, by people with relevant knowledge and perspective. cyberpunk will bring lots of eyes to the site, it’s actually a missed opportunity to bring up these matters in a larger forum. they’re barely being acknowledged


That’s the part that gets me. I don’t necessarily have a problem with a bunch of Cyberpunk articles if they had something, anything, to say and god knows there’s enough to talk about. Do we really need an entire article dedicated to a bug that lets you move real fast? Once we moved into the “unprecedented disaster leading to investors revolting and suing the company” phase I don’t think it really matters that the game starts a little slow.


Going to echo this as well. This game has a bunch of issues with it ethically that could be mined to generate the angry gamer clicks, you don’t need to report on something as mundane as replayability value.

I’m just going to hope this is a “boss man said cyberpunk = money so write about cyberpunk we must” situation.