'Cyberpunk 2077' Is a Crime Epic With Lots of Good Stories and Big Problems

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game of the past and its forgotten futures. Its setting is a pastiche that was overtaken by history and technology. It is a piece of software that is a throwback to PC gaming of the 1990s and early 2000s in every possible way, and its aesthetic and narrative sensibilities of a teenage boy's bedroom in the 1980s. Yet its lavish and utterly sincere devotion to its influences recalls what has made these dated visions so alluring and enduring. Cyberpunk is too tacky and graceless to be cool, but it's very big, and very loud, and sometimes that's all it takes to be awesome.

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This is about what I expected. Cool to see Rob liked a good number of aspects of it and woof at a lot of the technical issues I’ve been hearing about. And I think most of them were PC players so god only knows about consoles and especially last gen consoles. The latter still being the way 90% of people are gonna play.

Man, this sounds like Ready Player One the video game…

BIG yikes.

Edit: I really loved Rob’s review here. It’s about what I thought, a tame representation of 80s Cyberpunk tropes, and no real reflectiveness. Makes me wonder if this game would have done better being released around Hotline Miami and the NEO-80S resurgence.

What’s depressing is that I feel like Rob could have written this review a year ago just by guessing what the game would be like, and probably wouldn’t have had to change too many words in the final cut.


WTF, Ign can’t use ANY footage in their review?

That is absolutely fucked.


Good cyborg, bad cyborg the game with decent execution. Nothing should be surprising here. It seems to be pretty much exactly what they tried to sell us.

I really doubt that this game will have the longevity or impact that the Witcher 3 had, but we’ll see.

This about tracks for what’s in the source material but I’m glad to see that it sounds like they cleaned some of it up. Because let me tell ya rereading some of the one shot campaigns from those real early books can be pretty rough in terms of sexual violence. For real if you pick up the tabletop game cw for just about everything.

As much as I would like to play and be a part of the larger discussion around it the game sounds like it’s not in a good stable state and I have a 970 still so I’ll hold off until i can upgrade.


Apparently the word going around is that you had to use CDPR’s provided B-roll or no footage at all because this is all pre-Day 1 patch.

I expected most of the reviews to treat Cyberpunk like a piñata that insulted the reviewer’s mother, so the fact that Rob found enough redeeming qualities in Cyberpunk to even say so was a surprise.

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That is a very good tweet. And I will respect your wishes because my Twitter is me me.


Gamespot gave it a 7 and my heart goes out to their moderators who are having to deal with the trash in the comments.


If I was Kellie I would turn off my phone and computer for a week. :\


Oh no that poor lady. She must have drawn the short straw.

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From Rob’s review: “Cyberpunk is too tacky and graceless to be cool, but it’s very big, and very loud, and sometimes that’s all it takes to be awesome.”

From the Cyberpunk 2020 core rulebook: "Rule #1: Style over Substance

It doesn’t matter how well you do some-
thing, as long as you look good doing it. If
you’re going to blow it, make sure you look
like you planned it that way. Normally,
clothes and looks don’t matter in an adventure-in this world, having a leather
armor jacket and mirrorshades is a serious

I’m honestly glad it sounds like they have stayed true to the source material. I was hoping this game wouldn’t try to be profound because I don’t have any faith that they would have anything particularly interesting to say.

I feel like this is exactly the takeaway vibe I’m getting from everywhere. A video game is a video game, and I don’t think many of the Waypoint fandom are going to be at all surprised by that. But many of my friends–neither the oft-memed capital-G Gamers nor the kind of gamers that would talk about games in the mode of Waypoint–had still somehow caught wind of the fact that this was supposed to be different. “Really??”, a friend said to me when I suggested I wasn’t rushing to play the game at release and might skip it entirely.

I never really believed this was going to be all that different than the vague idea I had pieced together in my mind from the very little bit of preview I had followed. And it seems like unless i hear something different to change my understanding of what this game is, the only thing memorable here is that “the duct tape is made out of people” (Rob Zacny, 2020).

EDIT: Oh and I’d just like to add that I find it extremely questionable that this thing is getting the universal critical acclaim (in metacritic terms) when it sounds like the technical problems are pretty severe. Like even putting aside the sociopolitical issues we care about at waypoint… how can the “objective” reviewers out there give this thing their support in its current state?


Honestly big same on everything here. I was in a voice call last night and an acquaintance of mine is building a PC thats probably in the thousands of dollars to “use RTX on Cyberpunk” (he’s got the means, so go for it I guess) and expressed shock when I was like “eh that game looks kinda boring and also hell of transphobic I might skip it”

Its like, what about this game made people think it was going to be new or different? From that first gameplay demo it looked like an open world Deus Ex with all the jank therein, as the marketing went on it continued to look like open world Deus Ex, but they kept the racism and added transphobia. Honestly wild how effective the marketing of this game has been at selling something it doesn’t even remotely appear to be.

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I’m sure there can be some study done on hype of games like this. Cause I also don’t understand it. Same thing happened with No mans sky. At the end of the day they’re just video games.

Like say you look at witcher 3 and say that’s why cyberpunk is so hyped. What exactly did witcher 3 really do aside from just being a really good ass video game? It’s a top 5 all time game for me but not cause it did anything different. It was just really good. So I don’t know how people get in their heads that these games will be “transcendent” and change games forever.

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Because it’s the kind of Cyberpunk that mainstream audiences like, style over substance. They like the look of cyberpunk not what cyberpunk is supposed to be about. They will not care if the story is meh because they like meh stories. It’s the equivalent of a summer block buster action movie.

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I have thought about this a lot, and my armchair psych theory is this: a lot of gamers NEED games to change forever, but in a way that serves their interests and tastes. I think these huge AAA single player games get hyped in this way because a lot of us are old enough to remember when there were these huge landmark single player games that really did change everything. We jumped from 2d to 3d in platformers with Mario 64. FFX was a huge JRPG where the characters actually kind of resembled human beings. Open world games completely changed the way we think about levels and spaces. Over the past decade there hasn’t really been any of that in the single player sphere. RDR2 was supposed to change games forever, but it didn’t. Neither will Cyberpunk.

But the truth of the matter is that games HAVE had a monumental shift in the past decade, just not where a lot of people want it. I could have never even imagined a game like Minecraft or Roblox as a child. Fortnite has completely transcended video games to become some sort of enormous entertainment hub (but also just a commercial for other media). The problem with all of this is that a large subset of aging gamers are feeling left behind. They want to go back to how games were before, but the truth is we probably never will, and that’s okay!


Exactly, I feel like Gamers have it in their head that they’re still ostracized for playing video games so they need something to cling to in order to validate their point that what they do in their free time is actually Big Brain and everyone else who isn’t are either the dumb ones or hypocrites because they think they’re silently being judged.

It’s super easy to throw rocks at Reddit for how terrible that place is but it’s also a great way to take a temperature check on things. So every time I see a “media said games bad but we did feel good action and here’s some saluting reaction memes” image my eyes roll into the back of my skull because I realize this isn’t a joke to some people. There’s a large number of them that really feel like their backs are to the wall for liking video games and need to find ways to justify their enjoyment of them so coming to the conclusion that CDPR makes high art with the best stories imaginable is that escap for them without realizing all CDPR did was make a meh AU of an authors work.