Cyberpunk 2077's Default Graphics Suck. Here's How I Made It Look Good

Cyberpunk 2077 is not a pretty game. Some of that is intentional: the world of Cyberpunk is one of ruin and decay, masked by a cloying glaze of advertising and chic corporate architecture. But it's also true that, by and large, there is very little in Cyberpunk that ever looks cool or beautiful. Your outfits are generally terrible, and so are the NPC's. The world is large, but rarely so large that it ever feels expansive. Most places you go feel like the place you just left, and even if you light out of the wasteland around Night City, you'll find a familiar Fallout-style collection of scrap heaps and scrub desert. No matter what you are running Cyberpunk 2077 on, no settings tweaks can make it stylish.

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Do we even have an option to turn this crap off if you’re on console? I don’t really need the game to be covered in a weird green-ish haze either, tbh.

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You can turn off grain and motion blur and all that crap on the PS5 at least. I did it before I even started the game.

“Directed by Terrence Malick”


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