Cybertruck can't hurt you

References to the guy as a great 21st century genius in stuff like the new Star Trek series are going to continue being really funny.


So, in semi-related news, Tesla tried to SWAT a whistle-blower


Mods, I’d like to request a change of title to my thread.

Turns out Cybertruck is trying to fucking kill you as hard as possible.

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just fyi this is not a real quote the OP wrote it:


God dang it.

They got me.

Damn, it’s like the design brief was “make it as lethal as possible to pedestrians”. With SUV’s being one of the leasing causes of the increase in pedestrian deaths in the US, shit like this is irresponsible.


Out of sheer curiosity, is that just a function of SUVs being the dominant style of vehicle at the moment or is that adjusted?

Elon showing us what to do to Telsas.

Thanks Elon!

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As someone who has professional experience with accidents of these nature. It’s both in the most basic terms. Though design plays a major role with the ride height of an SUV when you hit a pedestrian they’re hit with a higher mass vehicle with crumple zones that are designed for car cashes not a person. People being hit by SUV’s is a 28 year high in the US.


Adjusted - rise in SUV’s involved in pedestrian fatalities is significantly higher than the rise in amount of SUV/Trucks on the road. It’s disappointing nobody really talks about it, considering it’s a pretty well established statistic. The Detroit Free Press has a great story on it here:

Better legislation in regards to cars and road design could easily save 20,000 lives a year in the US - that would bring it in line with countries with good traffic safety records, like the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. The Netherlands for example went from 400+ child traffic deaths a year in the 1970’s to less than 20, despite the vast majority of kids cycling and walking everywhere still.


Doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been learning to drive in a RAV-4, and the corner blindspots in that thing are pretty scary. Yet I’m quite sure it’s not even one of the worst offenders in that regard.

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After some pondering I don’t even know how this would pass crash regs in the EU.

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Do not worry, citizen. Cybercar is designed to pass through crash test barriers unharmed; is safest car in existence.



Honestly, the agony of stepping on these things probably has some real world combat applications

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