'Daemon X Machina' Soars with Colorful and Dynamic Mecha Action

About 10 hours into Daemon X Machina, Marvelous and Nintendo’s new third-person, mecha action game, I finally hit the moment I’d been waiting for. My machine explodes forward across the tarmac with white hot speed and leaps into the air, charging towards a flock of enemy drones. An opening blast from my bazooka goes wide, but I boost forward anyway, whirling in the air and unleashing a barrage of rifle fire that eviscerates a rooftop turret. With my back secure, I pivot around in the sky, and let loose with everything I’ve got, dropping each foe even as they slide in and out of formation.

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Ugh god between Austin’s general praise and the suggestion that this mech Monster Hunter, I am definitely going to end up with this game on my backlog pile. Great piece, looking forward to hearing more on the podcast.


It’s not all the way to mech Monster Hunter, but it’s close. A of those boss fights were REALLY memorable, and it’s neat to figure out weakpoints and which weaponsa re best for them. I’m excited to dig into the multiplayer stuff and see if it feels even more in line with that.


Well i’m sold, I’ve been wanting a new armored core really bad ever since 5/verdict day didn’t really do it for me.

ed: also i think there’s a typo about midway through “When you defeat against another arsenal”

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Somewhat related, in the other thread on the game @vehemently commented that they felt the game had a God Eater feel. I get that there is a certain amount of splitting hairs between MH and GE but do you have any thoughts on that comparison? I felt like GE may have been more apt given the setting and tropey nature of characters but I could be off.

Also you noted some of the physical limitations in terms of how much one can customize (kind of bummed I can’t create a bootleg guntank) and I was curious if you feel like the game offers enough variety in equipment to build a “unique” range of suits. Is something like a sniper/long range rifle build possible or are you tinkering within a general framework of melee weapon, machine gun, and some heavy artillery.

Finally, just want to say again how much I liked reading the piece and how infectious your excitement is. Have seriously been looking forward to this review since the first demo dropped.

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That last paragraph is some real good stuff, great reminder to get back into listening to COUNTER/Weight.

Can’t speak to GE unfortuntely, as I haven’t played or seen much of it. One day!

There’s absolutely the normal range of “close vs medium vs far,” “direct vs aoe,” “physical vs laser” style differentiation you’d recognize from AC. I wish there was a second shoulder slot to play with, and because of how important I think the down booster is, I never really played much with the auxiliary slot. But my guess is we’ll see some cool builds sooner than later.

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Very cool, thank you!

There’s an updated demo of this on Switch, right? Because the original demo/beta/whatever left me pretty cold, and I’m having trouble squaring that with Austin’s praise of the release version.

Yeah there’s a new demo. Austin mentioned this trailer on last week’s Beastcast, which goes over a bunch of improvements / changes they made based on feedback from that first beta demo. It’s pretty impressive.

Something I wish this review would have gotten into a bit more was the mission structure. I liked how the game felt, even before the changes after the original demo, but the mission structure really made me feel like this game wasn’t going to appeal to my sensibilities. I’ve said this a lot, but the mission structure made it feel like it was probably going to be multiplayer focused, along with the fact that the garage has several stands for your friends’ Arsenals. A lot of wave clear and long bosses. Does anyone know if that’s an accurate read?

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It’s more varied than that, and honestly I don’t think the campaign itself is multiplayer, just a set of multiplayer missions, maybe I’m wrong though?

Most missions are purely combat focused–you’re being sent to take out enemies in a facility or at a location, to confront a rival Arsenal pilot, to scan or carry some rare material (while being attacked on the way). It’s very rarely “wave based,” though, and mostly veers towards more unique set ups than that, at least in the main plot missions, all of which have narrative content to keep it fresh. The side missions tend to be a a lot more run and gun, pure combat stuff, but I was never bored across those either.

It’s a LOT of content–something like 80 missions in single player alone. SO there is some repetition. But it never felt like I was playing an arcade action game with a little wallpaper on it, if that’s your worry!


The comparisons to Monster Hunter certainly perked me up. I’ve been interested because of the aesthetic and a historical interest in mech games (but one I haven’t really engaged with since ZOE2). The early demo was so-so–I enjoyed the boss battle in it generally but the other parts weren’t great. Haven’t had a lot of chance to dive into the new demo (Iceborne has been taking all my free time), but what I have played feels a lot better.

I’ve also been eyeballing those fancy Daemon x Machina joycons because I play handheld the majority of the time. Not sure if they’re really going to improve the experience but… they sure do look neat.

It’s hard to describe, but I thought the same thing. This feels like God eater. Maybe it’s the fast paced action, as opposed to dark souls or MH deliberate action. Maybe it’s the art style with stylized lightning. I just played half a dozen missions of the demo, but it did brought GE to mind.
I think if you play the demo on both, you’ll get it too.