Damn, I Really Like Pressing Buttons In Video Games


UI games, when done well, are really great at immersion.

So, the term “UI Game” isn’t exactly a real, precise thing, so, let me explain: I’m talking about a class of game where your primary means of interaction with the worlds is through an in-game UI. Like pressing buttons or hitting switches on the onscreen HUD, as if going through two layers of obstruction between you and the “physical” world of the game.

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Does Hacknet count? Because Hacknet is rad. I have no excuse for not picking up the DLC, yet.


Do you have a favorite game that plays out mainly in the UI layer?

Without context of the article, this sounds exactly like Crusader Kings II. That game is so good at creating human stories executed through menus.

But in terms of games where your avatar’s primary interaction is through using an interface, Duskers immediately comes to mind! That game evokes terror so well and it’s elevated by the players obfuscation of what is actually going on in those space stations.


I’m in this thread to stan for Uplink, thanks

it’s a movie-hacking game and it all takes place in your Official Hacking Computer and it’s really good


I liked Uplink a lot, but eventually got frustrated by the game’s lack of feedback whenever you get caught.


“The Room” series by fireproof games, especially played via touch on an iOS device is particularly satisfying in this regard IMO.


I can definitely relate to this The last game to really reiterate that for me was Subnautica, which I might or might not have barreled through in four days with a total of 34 hours played. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that it involved a lot of buttons and levers and damn did that feel satisfying. I twas like that with the interfaces on the Cyclops too, controlling that felt so good despite its slowness and clumsiness, simply because of dem sweet sweet buttons.