Damn It Feels Good to Be a Monster in 'Carrion'

In Phobia Game Studio’s new game, Carrion, you play as a throbbing red biomass. Just a hungry maw and tentacles pulsing through the hallways of a human settlement ripping up people, solving puzzles, and collecting pieces of yourself to gain new powers. It’s a 2-D pixel art sidescroller with an emphasis on fast action and grotesque art design. Everywhere the biomass moves, it leaves a trail of itself. The red mass oozes from room to room, ripping apart anything that gets in its way.

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Started playing this yesterday and I’ve been having a good time. I especially love the animations for the monster. They way it moves, the way bits of it just drip when I’m waiting for a hapless guard to walk under where I’m hiding. This is very close to playing as The Thing.


Have had my eye on this game for quite some time and picked it up a few minutes ago. At time of writing, I’m still getting used to controls on the Switch. IDK if I will ever allow the reality of my being pretty clumsy with a controller overwrite my near infinite fantasy to play a video game while lying on my bed. That said, I like the little puzzles, the visual language of the game in terms of What You Could Do Next is pretty solid, and I love playing as a funny little ooze monster that has nothing in its heart but hunger. Check back with me in like 2 days and I’ll could potentially draft a post about how the monster from Carrion represents late-stage capitalism easy, but right now this is just my small, hungry ooze monster and I love it.


Is it fair to call this game a Katamari-like y/n


Does the game end with you floating up into the air and becoming. A “meat star”?