Dance Dance Revolution and StepMania

Does anyone play DDR or StepMania? I used to love DDR but it seems like PlayStation has abandoned it. There are no DDR games for PS4. I am curious about StepMania but intimidated by the idea of setting it up and getting the right mats. Why did the ecosystem around DDR fall apart?

The ecosystem fell apart because the market for music and rhythm games transitioned to Guitar Hero and Rock Band style games. I thought I heard they put out a new DDR for arcades last year that had every DDR song ever. Have you seeked out an arcade that has that for your DDR fix?

That’s a good idea but much more expensive and inconvenient. :frowning:

I’m considering just buying an old PS3

Stepmania is great, you can compile all the different mixes into one place. The big investment would be finding either metal pads, or else modding the plastic ones to work for you.

I used to play DDR a lot at arcades, and then when they started phasing the machines out I decided to install Stepmania at home, still play it from time to time.

It’s so good! It’s fun and much better exercise than the 105 hours I spent playing Fallout.

I played Stepmania up until last year but had to stop due to noise complaints and I’ve found there just aren’t many reliable machines in arcades either (even in NYC!). I think I’m okay stopping though - the legality of Stepmania always seemed super sketch to me and with how quickly step file websites would appear and disappear made me nervous.

I hope you’re able to find something! I know there are some places that still have the occasional In the Groove machine

I’m in NYC too, they’re like all in Coney island ughh

@TheFuzziestKitty @adrianne If you dare venture there, the D&B off of Times Square has one of those “Every DDR Ever” machines. It’s pretty well maintained last I checked.

Still rocking Max2 on my PS2 with a padded mat :smiley:

I love DDR. I think its decline on consoles can be partly attributed to Just Dance and other dancing games that don’t require the special pads.