'Dandara' Is Yet Another Gorgeous 2D Platformer, But Plays Unlike Any Other


It is primetime for beautiful, challenging pixelart platformers right now. Celeste is fantastic and devious, an ultra-challenging game that allows some flexibility in how players approach it. Iconoclasts is heavier on puzzles than platforming and beautifully-crafted, with big, unique, clockwork worlds to piece together. Dandara—out today from Brazilian developer Long Hat House—might be the best of the recent bunch, or, at least, the most unique and fearless.

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Based loosly on a real-life figure.

Woah woah woah woah that is not enough to explain Dandara because she’s amazing, so I will add some context.

Dandara of Palmares was a 17th century Afro-Brazilian warrior queen. She, her husband Zumbi and 30,000 runaway slaves fought against Portuguese enslavement for 70 years. She was an absolute badass and a master of capoeira.

Awesome to see a Brazilian dev team get some recognition, and base it on Dandara all the while. Oh and the game is fun too!


Gahh, difficult boss fights terrify me, but I love the look of this game, and I’m even more excited now that I kow she’s based on a real-life figure! I’ll have to buy it.


I am in my element with all these pathfinder games coming out recently because they are extremely My Jam™. Now I just have to wait for Dead Cells and Hollow Knight to come to a platform I own.

As for Dandara itself, it really is gorgeous and feels very honest. I downloaded it last night and only got to put in 20m or so and I haven’t got the controlls down quite yet. Still finding my way.


I was similarly struck by that turn of phrase - it was probably edited out for space but this premise definitely should form part of any discussion around this game.

Clothmap’s video I believe also quickly featured that game, but more importantly is a great exploration of the overall health of the Brazilian dev scene and the obstacles that it faces.


so i’ve been playing this for a while (tested ios version) and it’s real damn good. the touch screen controls are good too. i had some trouble on ios but that was probably due to the screen size of my tablet.

my biggest problem was getting my head around how certain areas change orientation, which through off my sense of direction. there’s also an adjustment period to learning when to dash.

the first boss took me forever on ios but playing in switch i did it in a single try, with less health even.


I wanna shout out to a somewhat recent game called Hopiko that’s kind of a boiled-down version of this from what I’m seeing. It’s really good!

I also really think I might pick up Dandara, even though I’ve got work to do and already have a monstrous backlog.


Hopefully there’ll be a follow-up from someone with more insight in Brazilian culture/game dev/something; I know I’d read it. Will have to keep an eye out on the wider web. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!


Just finished the game on Switch and there were some things I absolutely loved. The atmosphere, art, and soundtrack are incredible, and aesthetically it managed to capture the things I love about Metroid while still very much doing its own thing. I’d say the writing is kinda overly-metaphorical and very very opaque, but it still worked for me to the point where I really want to play it again just to get another run at the story. And in terms of play, the warping/jumping/whatever-you-call-it just feels so good once you get the hang of it.

But that difficulty curve… maybe it’s me, but it feels like the game might not have been tested fully, or that the balance between new abilities and leveling up was just off. I actually really liked the boss fights—found them engaging in a very Hollow Knight-y sort of way and was a bit sad how few of them there were—but I reached a point in the game itself where I just couldn’t progress until I spent an hour grinding up levels until I was nearly maxed out. And then it was fine again, and I beat the last area without much trouble. Not enough to ruin the experience for me, but an hour of grinding in an eight-ish hour game didn’t feel particularly great.


I’m close to done but I really hope they patch in some map fixes. Not knowing where doors are locked and the like is definitely a frustration. Still really like the game but that’s my niggling point.