Dang, 'Fire Emblem' Games Have Gotten Really Long

It feels like every year AAA games are getting longer. As single player experiences vie for audience attention against "forever games," they've started ballooning in scope and scale. It's a blurry line between making a game that feels bloated and making a game that offers a lot of options for myriad tastes. We discuss how Fire Emblem: Three Houses is walking that line, what '20 second levels' are in Mario Maker 2, and whether or not A Way Out was actually a great game in this episode of Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Everything about Fire Emblem sounds great except, IDK, I haven’t seen much in media and I haven’t seen much in reviews that suggests that it takes the fact that its war seriously. I worry that, underneath all of the ideological conflicts Austin describes there’s still a game that treats the unnamed little units who surround your main characters as below the level of caring about and I don’t think I can get into that anymore. Its part of why I bounced off Wargroove so hard

That’s on me, and I get that, the series hasn’t ever really been that (although IMO its better when its not about nobility who are in positions of power) but I just have a hard time with war games these days

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My biggest takeaway from this episode was that someone needs to make Mech & Cheese–mac and cheese in which all the pieces of pasta are shaped like various iconic mechs. “Shinji! Get in the cheese!” “This is no Ziti boy.” The possibility for low-effort pasta/mech jokes are near endless.


Also can confirm, Griftlands is really rad

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Guys… you gotta stay till the end cause some anime are illegally expensive. Also, they are going the wrong way. YOU become thee shareholder and make all anime free…

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So you’re used to it taking 80 hours because you scum save and restart when things go wrong. That is our baseline. The game takes a casual player 40 hours. The developer, responds to the exact criticism you probably have and makes a middle ground where you no longer had to do that, and it comes in at 60 hours because they added more content instead of just making you replay the same mission over and over.

So here we are, more content, less replaying the same mission 50 times to get best results, less total play time by your own account. THESE GAMES ARE GETTING TOO LONG!

AAA games are not getting longer, but it depends on your genre and what you consider complete. You can grind FF7 to max every materia and character level in under 100 hours, but if you want to max all their stats that’s going to take you a while. You know you can just quit if you don’t like a game? The single player story mode of AAA games is basically an afterthought at this point. If a JRPG takes less than 120 hours to 100% complete it’s too short, if the next CoD or Battlefield campaign takes more than 8 I’ll be impressed.

As an update on Soren and Ike, the gatcha game’s latest valentine’s event had the two of them in special valentines costumes, though the story they added didn’t have the same nods to their relationship that hetero couples got in previous events. It sorta adds up to a weird halfway point that feels a lot like queerbaiting to me, even if I do like what they did add.

Also, check out how cute Soren's shoes are

Also I was with Cado in being certain that there’d be an eva branded mac and cheese out there somewhere, but the closest I could find was this Unit 01 coloured brand.
I did come across the pictures of that plate they were talking about during the episode though. I’ve included them below, if any of you wish to see that grotesque gastronomical spectacle.

Am I eating from the Chamber of Guf?


I don’t know what makes you say this, unless you only consider Battlefield and CoD an AAA game. By most definitions Fire Emblem 3 Houses is an AAA game, and the story is the main selling point. There are lots of examples that would dispute this I feel (off top of my head - Sekiro, Witcher, Assassin’s Ceeed). Triple A isn’t just shooters.

Definitely understand this concern. It’s doing better than Wargroove so far. The first time my units got a kill most expressed remorse, which is something I’ve never seen in these games before (though this was a one time thing). The soldiers surrounding your individual unit are called “battalions” and they actually never appear to die. When you defeat a unit, you see the rest of their battalion running away. And your battalions can actually level up, which I felt gave them a lot of humanity. I’m invested in them, and again they’re never shown dying.

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of the game where you defeat nameless soldiers. But (minor spoiler shown frequently in the advertising the whole point of the second half is that you’re fighting former comrades. I haven’t gotten there, but I would expect that would make them take it more seriously. I’m optimistic.


Hmm that actually sounds like it handles it better than I thought. Maybe I will check it out

Yeah, do your research and see how you feel. I’ve played about 10 hours now (I cleared my weekend) and the sentiment I expressed in my comment has continued thus far. At the very least it’s definitely not like Wargroove where you’re gleefully sending humans and animals to death. The goal in every FE game is to keep all of your units alive.

Top 10 Most Expensive Anime Box-Sets is the Waypoint ARG

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The House choice in Fire Emblem for me was just me deciding to choose the opposite of what I usually choose. Golden Deer seemed like the closest to “good” guys so I decided to go Black Eagle because it seemed the opposite. It’s funny that Austin hasn’t heard anyone talking about Blue Lion because all I have heard is people talking about Black Eagle and Blue Lion. It basically seems like there isn’t a bad path though with all of them being way more interesting than they initially seem, and it’s surprising to me that I already want to play through all of the paths.

and, more to the point, a bunch of recent AAA shooters have fairly long single-player components, even if they’re sort of reductionist for the most part. (You could argue that this is because anything with the capacity for more nuanced interaction, and thus more complex plot, automatically gets re-classified as an “Action RPG”.) Sure, there’s a tendency for shooters to get pushed into the “let’s just do multiplayer because it’s where the money is and we don’t have to invest in as many voice actors”, but even despite that, in 2019 we’re getting a Doom game, literally the game which popularised multiplayer deathmatch for the first time, with an extensive single-player component.

Cado: Chh…stat…Chats…mm damnit
Me: The Vampire Chestat

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