Danganronpa V3, aka anime PUBG [Spoilers]

Hey folks. Let’s talk about this weird, funny game coming out in 2 days full of intrigue, friendship, and a shocking amount of ways to kill teenagers. Thoughts, expectations, questions, etc. are all welcome. What platform are you playing V3 on? What did you think of the previous games? Does the series’ overt sexism hurt your enjoyment of it? Just please tag spoilerinos and if possible indicate what it is you might be spoiling.

For those who haven’t been turned yet, here’s a handy explainer. Danganronpa is a visual novel(-ish) mystery adventure series about captive high school students forced by a malicious bear to try and get away with murdering each other if they want to escape. Basically it’s your job to figure out whodunnit. Even if you’re not into anime, this may still be a tasty cup of tea.

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Love DR1 and DR2 is one of my favorite games of all time.

I know the first chapter twist of v3 and the predictability and cowardice of that creative choice means I won’t be spending money on it anytime soon. I will play eventually but I’m honestly fairly disgusted by Kodaka on this one.

Wow, is it that bad? I’ve heard others say it was great, but all the negative feedback I’ve been hearing has me kind of shook now.