Danielle Riendeau's Top Ten Games of 2017


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Danielle seems to have a super busy life (like me) so if she set aside as much time as she did playing Prey and is still interested in playing more then clearly it is something worth checking out. I shall add it to my “to do” list!


The “creepy” factor is keeping me away from Prey, but i’m glad she wasn’t alone with loving it.

I also absolutely agree about Butterfly Soup being so funny as well as heartwarming and moving. Was totally surprised how much I loved it, and don’t think I would’ve found it without Waypoint :smile:


I’m so happy about Butterfly Soup being on the list, it was also a highlight for me this year. It’s just so earnest and good and funny! It’s been a while since a game could get me to focus on reading words, it’s been more difficult lately.

And anyway I’m happy whenever smaller/less well-known games come up in these lists, I mean I already know the big releases were good, I want to hear about something more specific!


I echo the Prey praise (TO BE HEREBY REFERRED TO AS “THE PREYSE”???!!?!) - aside from sometimes feeling a bit bloated with side-quests of the “mate, I left my toothbrush on the other end of the ship; if we’re evacuating, I want to take dental hygiene into the shapeless void of space thx” towards the end - I had a lot of fun with it, both by exploring the huge environment (abandoned space station = :+1: every time) and by occasionally getting bored and using my developed skills to render a glass bridge impassable by chucking big desks at it (and generally larking about chucking things at other things).

I’ve downloaded Tacoma, having given up on waiting for it to be released on PS4 (I could’ve sworn that was on the cards?); and I’m definitely intrigued by Observer - the idea of a cyberpunk horror game very much piques my interest, even though both cyberpunk and horror are things that it’s really easy to tonally mess up.