Danika featured on Giant Bomb's new Podcast interviewing to join their Department of New Business


Giant Bomb and Waypoint have crossed over a couple times, but today is Danika’s turn to appear over at Giant Bomb. The newest Giant Bomb members, Ben Pack and Abby Russell, have started a completely serious podcast to catalogue the building of the revolutionary Department of New Business.

Since everyone would want to be apart of this amazing new venture, Ben and Abby will be interviewing the best people in the industry to get a job there. Their first “interview” is with Waypoint’s own queen of Twitter, Danika Harrod.
Episode with Danika: DNB Ep 1 - Social Content Intern Danika Harrod
Previous Episode setting up the podcast: Department of New Business: Episode 0.

To be clear though, this is a comedic podcast and has a very specific type of humour. I prefer the second episode with Danika more than the set-up because it has a better structure and Danika is great at keeping them in-universe.

[Edit - Updated the link, they edited out the last 2 minutest where Abby and Danika’s mics kept going. Also edited out Danika’s tweet since she removed it because of the broken link.]


The recent Abby & Danika “sis-mance” on Twitter is just the best. I can’t wait to check out the episode!


Listening to this right now. It’s pretty damn good.


Loved this episode! Really enjoying Ben and Abby as new additions over at GB, especially Abby. The brand is strong over at GBEast right now.


That second bit about the confirmed guests was in the bit they decided to edit out and repost, so maybe they don’t want people to know about it (or it wasn’t confirmed).


Yeah, she’s been great. I know this might sound sacrilege, but I feel that her improv background helps fill in a gap that I’ve been missing since Ryan Davis. I know that everyone on there is a good sport at playing “in scene”, but I’ve really enjoyed the often-awkward banter with her, Vinny, and the Beastcast gang.


You’re correct, I edited it out of my comment. (I’m still excited)

@bronson Yeah, my favorite thing listening back to old bombcasts and GB clips when Jeff, Ryan, and Vinny were together was how much they could play around, riff and banter with each other. With Vinny out East I haven’t felt like there’s a really good person for Jeff to do that with now (though Ben may grow in to that), but the Beastcrew is bringing a ton of that these days.


This podcast is very cute, pretty and tall.

Also really damn funny.


This improv/roleplay thing is pretty different from most GB content but I really like the approach. It’s fun to see them branching out and it seems like Abby and Ben have been able to pitch and experiment with new ideas. Great to see.


I listened to this podcast this morning and highly recommend it to everyone!


I like the direction they have taken with the new hires. I still love the GB crew but I have found that the Beastcast has increasingly been holding my attention way more than the Bomb. That whole team seems to have wildly different personalities whilst somehow all gelling together on a podcast. I like that this is a third outlet that combines Ben and Abby, and hopefully they continue this silliness.

And without wishing to be a suck-up, I think Danika is pretty great whenever she is on a pod. I am going to check out the Logged Off podcast she mentions.


It was really great. I hope Danika gets the gig, though she’s up against some stiff competition.