'Dark Souls 3' Detectives Uncover Evidence You Could Once Create Bonfires


'Dark Souls' would be really different if you could pick your own checkpoints.

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The sacrifice ceremony to visit other games would have been pretty good, but the create a bonfire thing would just be a needless addition. The fixed layout helps with the repetition involved in the game. After a couple of run throughs of each area you feel like a boss after you get the layout down and wreck the area with relative ease. IMO at least anyway.


Reminds me of the save system in Ori and the Blind Forest where you basically used up mana to quicksave.


It explains a lot about the seemingly random check-pointing in some parts of the game. I’d believe it.

To be honest, I thought there were articles at IGN and etc talking about this pre-release? Maybe my memory is off but I swear this was like an announced feature. (sacrifice enemies to make checkpoints, that is)


This would’ve been a pretty interesting mechanic. I can only imagine that it would have to be balanced very carefully so that you couldn’t haphazardly put bonfires everywhere. Part of me loves that feeling during a first playthrough when you don’t know where the next bonfire will be and therefore just how far from safety you really are, but then another part of me could see the potential risk/reward implications in being able to create your own. Maybe this will be revisited eventually.


IIRC The speculation occurred because one of the first trailers showed the PC stabbing a corpse with a bonfire rod.
edit: and there is a sequence like that in the game I think?


I wonder if this would explain some of the odd bonefire placements.