Dark Souls-inspired Metroidvania: Hollow Knight (the thread)


Thanks! I have zero confidence in my writing skills, so I’m always really anxious whenever I share my work.

Yeah, they get a lot of mileage and variety out its world despite how limiting being underground would seem. I think it works in large part because they make sure the transition between each zone feels natural. They either steadily iterate on the previous area’s look or use long pitfalls or tram rides to convey how far some areas are to justify the more drastic changes in scenery. It’s really effective and impressive. Especially since they could have easily thrown a bunch of disparate, themed locales together and called it a day.


I played through and loved this game. Everything about it was pretty fantastic: art design, soundtrack, combat (even though infuriatingly frustrating at certain parts, it did make some boss battles super tense), and the lore/adventure were pretty fantastic. Finished one play through and definitely want to do a second one once I finish Prey.


I haven’t played it a lot this past week because of a lot of other obligations, but so far I’m still really enjoying it. Though right now I’m at one of those banging-my-head-against-a-boss points- I’ve got his patterns figured out, it’s just really difficult to execute the strategy properly and dodge some of his attacks. Fortunately, there’s so much to explore in this game that I was able to take a break from that fight and make my way through large parts of two other areas, at least until I reached parts where I need an ability I haven’t acquired yet.

But there’s no question this is going to wind up as one of my favorite games this year, if not my game of the year pick. Everything about it, from the art to the music to the level design to the characters (Hollow Knight does so much with minimal voice acting, just enough to convey the personalities of the NPCs), is phenomenal.


This definitely has that. You’ll go into a new area without a map and your soul count will start to balloon and you’ll realize that you have completely lost track of where you are in relation to where you were. Frantically trying to find a bench to rest, or the map maker to buy a map at least.


Scary as that feeling is, I actually love it. Just creates a real sense of urgency and importance to the choices you make and the work you put into them. Someone had complained earlier about not liking the ghost/recovery mechanic when you die, but it’s precisely that option to risk venturing far into the unknown and losing your hard work that creates a real tension in the moment. That’s gameplay I’ll always gravitate towards


I’m curious which boss you’re referring to. I feel as if I’ve also hit a boss wall as well, and would love to trade tips if we can. I’m currently exploring more to find new paths and upgrades, but I’ll need lots of help to get past this boss. Also, the spike areas in Mantis Village?!? Oooof


Started on this.

Holy hell is it good.

I got very exited every time I met an NPC, each time for completely different reasons.

And it plays like a DREAM, yo. A DREAM.


I haven’t heard about this game before. Not wanting to dig too deep and see something I don’t want to know, how does it compare to Salt and Sanctuary?


Put simply: simpler, faster and more gorgeous.

If you dug Salt and Sanctuary then you’ll 100% dig this, and I can tell you that having played like an hour and a half.


I think @CaptainMorton has summed up the generalities well, but on a more specific level…

The only two aspects of Salt & Sanctuary that I like more than Hollow Knight are the character creation/class selection and the diverse and intricate leveling system. Those things make it feel slightly more like a dyed-in-the-wool RPG. That said, I think Hollow Knight is a far superior game regardless. I think the recent games it compares more aptly with are the likes of Axiom Verge and Hyperlight Drifter—the former because of its inventive but familiar take on 2-D Metroidvanias, and the latter because of its ARPG/Zelda-ish playstyle and incredible presentation. That could be the main reason why I love Hollow Knight much more than S&S: it just feels so much more fleshed-out and unique in terms of style, atmosphere, story, and overall quality. The developers at Team Cherry have set a very high standard for themselves with Hollow Kinght.


Right?? The number of NPCs spread throughout the game is fantastic. Each time I discover a new one I feel like it’s my reward for exploration. They’re all just so cool looking and have such distinguishable roles in the world. And their voices! They’re a huge reason why it feels to me like playing in a Studio Ghibli film. Plus it’s great to know that you have a lot of support and not EVERYTHING is trying to kill you.


Sorry if i’m starting up an old thread but I wanted to say how cool this game is. 2-D Metroidvanias with the flow of dark souls ans the addition of NPCs makes the lonely world feel alive. Downside is traveling to certain points since you have to fight your way to get places but as you upgrade it makes things easier.


First major free update is supposedly adding another fast-travel method, so that should get easier. Sometime early next month I think.


Glad you did start this back up! I hit a literal wall playing through this (having a VERY hard time maneuvering some of those spiky sections), so I’ve taken a break to dive into some other games in my backlog. Which is to say that while I still absolutely LOVE this game and it’s definitely still at the top of my favorite 2017 releases, there are a couple downsides that have emerged the deeper I’ve gone. Basically it comes down to the limitations of movement, which for me adds obstacles during exploration that need not be there. Nonetheless, the charm and depth of the world mostly make up for those shortcomings.

Anyway, that’s really great news about the update, @CaptainMorton. Think I’ll take that opportunity to dive back in and finish my playthrough when it’s available.


DLC coming, Halloween edition


DLC should be out today. Will report on how it is.


Any word on when either of the DLCs will be made available for the Mac version? I saw it had been delayed, but never saw word of it releasing. Gonna start a new playthrough once they’re all available.


Nothing at the moment. Between the mac, the hornet DLC, and the Switch version they have a lot more work.


So far the DLC is pretty decent in terms of boss battle and lore. What it lacks is it quest as you go around beating small enemies to gain flame to progress the boss fights.


Does it seem like it would work before completing the main game, then?