Dark Souls-inspired Metroidvania: Hollow Knight (the thread)


He does but… I don’t know, I don’t feel like he’s doing a very good job of it, if that makes sense? Like I’m not expecting him to be regurgitating gameFAQ’s, but his hints are still just obscure enough that I feel like it kinda defeats the purpose of what he’s supposedly there to do.


I looked up the dialog to check this from here, and if I’m remembering/reading this right he tends to just comment on where you’ve reached. Is the idea that he’s hinting “yes that’s where you should go next?”. I never really got that from him, and felt like he was just expanding some flavour.

By contrast in Dark Souls there’s always an NPC that outright says “Yo you should go ring the 2 bells. One of them is up through that undead town.”

I don’t think they quite needed to go as far as giving directions, but the hinting from Elderbug was so indirect I never read it as hinting.


Just a wee question about this game, which I do admit I’ve somewhat fallen away from and want to get back to.

How easy is it to stumble into the DLC content for this game and is it something that should be avoided? I’m still enjoying the game but am increasingly worried that I might be, as I push out further into the corners of the map, going outside of ‘the main content’ and straying into areas that, while good, might be better-experienced separately from the main game.

Is this a fair concern or is this not the kind of game where that would be an issue?


The DLC stuff doesn’t really add any significant new areas like you’re probably thinking, it’s NPC questlines and mechanics that slot seamlessly into the structure. There’s just absolutely loads of optional stuff in the game. You’ll probably interact with and use a lot of DLC stuff without realising it. So nah, don’t worry about it, just keep exploring.


Does anyone have any good lore explainers about Hollow Knight they would recommend? I (think that I) am coming up on the end, and really want to see what the theories/explainers are about this story.


I’d be interested in this too! Finished the game but found myself a little lost on some of the lore and story stuff.


I’ve honestly found the wiki and its lore pages to be the best explainer for the game—it tends to have all of the dream nail dialogue and extra supplemental bits that are easy to miss while playing, and it has some good explanations even if it’s not written necessarily with that in mind


The Hollow Knight SGDQ run on right now is bonkers. Try to catch the end or just get the full replay later on. It’s great, with a good and informative runner.


Yeah, I agree, it’s one of the runs I wanted to catch from this AGDQ, and it was as good as I hoped. Hollow Knight is one of those games which I’d hate playing myself, but is really great to watch being played by someone who knows precisely what they’re doing.