'Darkest Dungeon' Proves Adapting for the Switch Is Harder Than It Looks

More than a popular console, the Switch is an exciting console. It feels like it can do everything, be anything. Nintendo understands both how you play and how you want to play. They’ve made a toy that can reach across the jaded decades and capture your imagination once again. It’s easy to imagine that on the Switch, any game can finally become the best—or at least most convenient—version of itself.

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I see a lot of calls of people who want the DD devs to put in a bigger font, but they miss the fact that it’d take a huge interface redesign to facilitate that. The interface is so jammed with information, in a very elegant way, that every pixel counts. It’d need an entirely new interface for the Switch, and I’d argue that maybe the DD devs should’ve done that before porting it. But I’m pretty impressed however with how intuitively the controller control-scheme works. It’s not as smooth as a mouse, of course, but for the most part it impressed me. It’s a real pity the touch interface is so finicky, especially for someone with crappy fine-motor skills but even when played in mobile mode I feel pretty good with mixing controller-controls and touch controls.

This is actually what I largely came to say: I understand that the interface overhaul would have been massive but I think they needed to do it. Not just for the Switch version, I’ve been told people had the same issues with the Vita port. This isn’t just a Darkest Dungeon thing, certain types of PC games need more than just a “get the software running” port on the move to consoles.

I’ll disagree on the controller scheme though; I’ve learned all of the controls in dungeon just fine, that’s not too bad. But everything in town is a mess. I still don’t know how to remove characters from my active party entirely without using the touchscreen

I want to get this on switch (have the vanilla version on vita, but it is just too cramped) but these types of reviews/looks (and the cost of the full version) have me holding off.

I think this might be a game that I grab right before a big trip, like I used to do with books.

That said, how have people felt with the dlc since it first came out? Do they bring a lot to the game or are they just there to extend the play for people who already are 500 hours in?

Maybe I just need to keep playing my vita version for a while. . .